Link Roundup

Midweek Link Roundup: 5/31/17

TweetIt’s that time of the week again – time for me to round up various articles, websites, and assorted other links I found interesting. I hope you do too! Let’s go.

Midweek Link Roundup: 5/24/17

TweetReady for a weird mix of random links that I happened to find interesting? Then let’s go. At a recent episode of “Ask Us Anything,” K-Pop star PSY talked about the difficulties following the massive…

Midweek Link Roundup: 5/17/17

TweetIt’s that time again – time for a midweek link roundup. Check out below for some interesting news and other items I’ve enjoyed this past week.

Midweek Link Roundup: 5/10/17

TweetAn old feature of my old site was a midweek link roundup. I’ve decided to bring it back, at least for the time being. Here’s some links I found around the web that I think…