PGD: My Mareep

Theodosia and Bobby walked in front of the group as they continued their journey down Route 32.

“Aren’t you going to keep them in Pokeballs?” Jessie asked.

“Why?” Caleb said, “They’re happy walking around. I can put them back in their balls if they get hurt and bring them back to the Pokemon Center. Let them stretch.”

Jessie just rolled her eyes. She was starting to get used to Caleb’s strange way of training. It seemed to work for him so far, but who knows.

They rolled through a few simple encounters along the way. A pidgey here, an ekans there. Each time Bobby and Theodosia alternated in battle. With each battle, the two became stronger to the point where some of the encountered felt mundane and too simple.

A shout was heard from over their shoulder. “Hey! Don’t interrupt my picnic!”

“Uhm…what?” Caleb turned around confused. There was a young woman with a picnic basket in her hand. A young man was standing behind her too. They both appeared to be wearing some kind of scout uniform. Caleb did not recognize it. His children were never interested in Pokemon Scouts and neither was he as a child. He was fine with that.

“You people stomped through the tall grass and are scaring away Pokemon. You are ruining our picnic!”

“I’m sorry…I think.”

“Fight us.”

“Both of you?”

The young man stepped out from behind the woman and sheepishly said, “Yes.”

Each of them threw out a Pokeball. As they hit the ground they lit up as a nidoran came appeared before each one, one male and one female nidoran.

“Okay, if you two are both attacking us – I’m using two Pokemon. Go Theodosia and Bobby!”

The two picnickers looked at each other, then back at Caleb. The young woman said, “Fine. Nidoran double kick!”

The young man called out, “Nidoran double kick,” echoing the young woman. The two nidorans flew into the air with limbs swung wildly at Bobby and Theodosia.

“Bobby ember! Theodosia rage.” Bobby opened his mouth and a large flame burst toward the female nidoran. The flame knocked the nidoran back causing it to flinch. The female nidoran stopped for a moment and winced. Its hide was clearly singed and burned.

Theodosia slammed into the male nidoran, both hitting one another simultaneously.

“Theodosia, continue the rage.” Theodosia slammed once more into the male nidoran, critically. The sound of the rage induced slam was a loud crunch, like that of bones snapping. The male nidoran fainted.

“Nidoran…scratch!” The female nidoran lunged toward Bobby and slashed at his face.

“Bobby, bite!” Bobby retaliated by clamping down on the female nidoran’s front paw.



They each scratched and bit each other once more. This was followed by Theodosia’s continued rage building. Caleb swore he saw a flame burning in his totodile’s eyes.

“Rage Theodosia!” She hurled herself at the female nidoran. It flew into the young woman and knocked her to the ground in the process. The female nidoran fainted too.

The two picnickers just stood back dumbfounded and pouted.

“Fine, here’s some Pokedollars.” They threw a wad of cash on the ground and walked off. Caleb picked it up and placed it in his wallet.

“All right, what’s next?”

Immediately after the battle a rustling was heard by all in the bushes around them. It seemed to come from every direction at once.

Suddenly a fluffy, blue faced creature leaped out of the brush. As it landed on the ground a burst of electric energy came from its body. The bolt struck Theodosia and knocked her to the ground.

“Bobby! Bite that Mareep!”

Theodosia struggled to stand as Bobby clamped it’s jaw down on the forelegs of the wild Pokemon. Electrical energy bursting from the Mareep’s body struck Bobby and flung him back a few feet.

The Mareep was injured, but did not move.

Junior leaned in to his father. “Dad, why don’t you catch the Mareep? You have Pokeballs now.”

Caleb’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought about it. All these battles he had just been trying to strengthen Theodosia and Bobby. He still was not in the mindset of trying to expand his team.

“Yes! Great idea!” He chucked a pokeball at the Mareep.

It enclosed around the Mareep and shook once.

Shook twice.

Then exploded open as the Mareep opened another electrical assault on Theodosia, causing her to faint.

“Bobby, bite!” Bobby’s jaw clamped down on the forelegs of the Mareep once more. After he backed off, Caleb threw another Pokeball at the Mareep.

It shook once.

It shook twice.

It shook a third time. Then it rang out. The Mareep had been caught.

Caleb just starred for a moment at the Pokeball.

“You caught it!” Junior said.

“I caught it,” Caleb said excitedly. Then he looked down at Theodosia. She had returned to her Pokeball after fainting.

“I think we need to walk back to town to the Pokemon Center. We haven’t got very far, it should not be that bad.”

Everyone groaned knowing the walk was further than Caleb let on, but he was right. Theodosia was hurt. The new Mareep was hurt. Bobby was hurt. A trip to the Pokemon Center would do everyone good.

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