Midweek Links: Libertarians Can’t Have Nice Things, New Emojis, Rogers Stamps

Are you ready? Ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat…

Wait…no, that’s not right. It’s time for midweek links! It’s been an interesting week and here’s some random news, articles, and items I found interesting.

  • Caitlin Moore at Anime Feminist wrote about the recent revelation that the director for the show Recovery of an MMO Junkie has made wildly anti-Semitic comments. His anti-Semitism is on full display on his Twitter account. She also speaks to how a person deals with a piece of art they love being created by an awful human being. Check out the article and the struggle she’s dealing with about a topic she cares about. Charles (TWWK) at Beneath the Tangles also spoke on the same topic, but more from a perspective of us not ignoring the evils of anti-Semitism in the world around us. Check that one out too.
  • Unicode has unveiled a number of new emojis which will be rolled out universally soon. In addition to the important new lobster and superhero emojis, my favorite is adding an abacus!
  • Arvin Vohra, the Libertarian Party Vice Chair and Maryland Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, made a number of over the top statements including saying all soldiers are paid killers, adults having sex with 14 year olds is okay, and that public schools are indoctrination camps. The Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York, Larry Sharpe, has been out in public condemning Vohra for his comments and recently resigned from the Libertarian National Committee over them. Here’s more on this internal battle from Reason. This serves as a reminder as to why the Libertarian Party can’t have nice things.
  • The US Postal Service will be offering Mr. Rogers stamps in March. If any TV celebrity deserves stamps in their honor, it’s Mister Rogers. Well done USPS.
  • Stardf29 has been doing a series of articles at Beneath the Tangles explaining the Isekai anime/manga genre for Christians. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of this series of articles.
  • Gerber has a new “Gerber Baby” and it’s a little one with Down Syndrome. Check out some pictures and more about the beautiful little baby here.
  • Dorkly has an article about old video game cheat codes and their history. Some of them you know like the Konami Code, some of them I never heard of! It’s worth checking into…and finding an old arcade with a Mortal Kombat machine.

Now as I love me some Twitter recommendations – let’s get you all a more interesting timeline:

  • Knittykins – Like funny Parenting tweets? Knittykins not only is funny herself, but finds all sorts of other funny tweets from all over the internet. Check her out.
  • Alex Ross – Want gorgeous comic book art in your Twitter feed? Follow artist Alex Ross. His art is fantastic and the account basically just posts random pieces of his artwork.

For music this week – I’m going with Bad Lip Reading doing The Empire Strikes Back…cause I’m apparently a year and a half behind:

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