Diet Coke Varieties – Review

Recently, Diet Coke has rolled out a handful of new fancy flavors. Why? I’m still not sure. The new flavors are Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, and Zesty Blood Orange. I bought one of each of the new cans of soda and tried them out with my in-laws…so you don’t have to! And you should be glad we did as they’re not great.

Here is the formal review:

Packaging: It’s a tall, skinny Diet Coke can. Each of them are color coded based on the flavor in the packaging. They’re consistent, which is nice, but nothing really all that fancy.

Flavor/Composition: Now this is what you came for. You wanted to know how they taste! Well, long story short – they’re not all that great. Let’s go through them one by one.

Ginger Lime – Do you remember as a kid mixing soda flavors and thinking you were a genius with the flavors you came up with? Did you ever mix Coke and Ginger Ale? That’s what this tastes like. There is after drinking a lot of it a subtle lime aftertaste, but it mostly just tastes like someone took a can of Diet Ginger Ale and a can of Diet Coke and mixed them. They may have mixed it a little heavy on the Ginger Ale. Either way, it wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t super flavorful or interesting.

Twisted Mango – This and it’s pair Zesty Blood Orange, were super sweet. The Twisted Mango tasted like what I’d imagine someone creating a mango flavored fruit drink (not juice) and then adding some excessive carbonation. There’s kind of a cola aftertaste, but not much The only thing twisted about this flavor is that there is a real person who thought this was a good idea for anyone to drink.

Zesty Blood Orange – My Mother-in-Law summarized this flavor far better than I could when she said, “This tastes like someone dumped a pack of Tang into a Diet Coke.” Yup. I’d say two packs of Tang, that’s how sweet it tasted. It’s not good.

Feisty Cherry – Have you ever had a Diet Cherry Coke? That’s what this is. There’s nothing fancy about it. I don’t see how it’s called feisty or how it really differs from a normal Diet version of Cherry Coke, but there is is. This is the only one that I would consider drinking again in the future.

Conclusion: First of all, big thank you to my in-laws and wife for putting up with these monstrosities. Second, don’t buy them. Third, seriously, they’re overpriced and not good. Third, if you must try them – get the Feisty Cherry. But seriously, just buy Coca-Cola’s normal Cherry Coke Zero instead. It tastes better and is cheaper.

Have you tried the new Diet Coke flavors? Interested? Not interested? Discuss it all in the comments below.

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