Midweek Links: Zack Morris is Trash, Aggretsuko to Netflix, Dancing Baby

Now that the “Big Game” is behind us, and Philly fans continue to rejoice (hopefully peacefully), we move on to news for the week. Well, not so much news, as articles and things I found interesting in the past week.

This week, I have two fun Twitter recommendations. You should absolutely follow them both!

  • Link Finding Things – This is a strange account where a bot makes Link find random things. Sometimes it replies to you if you follow it with a thing semi-related to your tweet. It’s weird, but it’s fun.
  • Mommy Owl – Mommy Owl is a writing and literature Professor. She also serves as a social media manager for a number of funny parenting related groups. She’s funny, clever, and worth a follow!

Music for the week is “Gashina” by Sunmi. It’s catchy and the video seems to tell a story. Check it out!

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