PGD: Frank the Rocket

Frank looked down at the paper in his hand and then up at the run-down apartment complex before him. This must be the place, he said to himself.

Frank had finally found the man he had been looking for here in Rustboro. He was going to bring this man back to Johto. “Let’s do this,” Frank said to himself as he walked up to apartment number 5.

Frank rang the bell and a red haired man answered. “Who’s there?”

“The name’s Frank.”

“We don’t know any Frank,” the man answered and tried to slam the door.

Frank grabs the door frame in his hand, “He knows me.”

“Let him in, boy,” a voice yelled out from the back of the apartment. The red haired man stepped to the side and let Frank through.

As Frank entered he saw a black haired man with a thick beard sitting in a recliner. He looked around the apartment. It was one single room with a bathroom. It was in terrible shape.

“What do you want, Franky? I’m trying to live out my life peacefully here in Hoenn.”

Frank sat on a chair and looked the man square in the eye, “I’m bringing back Team Rocket, Giovanni.”

“I don’t go by that name anymo…”

Frank cut him off. “I know who you are.” He leaned in closer, “The world knows who you are.”

The red haired man walked over and said, “You heard him, that’s not who he is. Leave him alone.”

“Shut up, Silver.” Frank was agitated. He turned back to Giovanni. “The world needs us. We can make it better, impose order the way no other Team in history could. We could run Johto and Kanto.”

Giovanni looked visibly nervous about the conversation.

“Come on,” Frank said.

Giovanni stood up and turned to Frank. “I don’t do that anymore. I don’t even have Pokemon.” He walked over to the fridge and pulled out a can.

“I can get you Pokemon,” Frank said. His voice went faster as the tone rose in excitement. “I already have young teens excited, eager to learn about a reborn Team Rocket. We will rise like the Ho-Oh and reign.”

Frank looked Giovanni in the eyes and said, “They need us.” He paused. “They need you.” He pointed with both of his hands.

Giovanni sat back down and cracked open the can. “I am nothing more than a humble Malasada salesman. I am no longer Giovanni. That man is dead.”

“No he’s no…”

Giovanni stood up and slammed his hands into the coffee table in front of him, “I said he’s dead.”

Giovanni paused for a moment then sat back down. “There is no Giovanni and there will be no more Team Rocket.”

Frank stood up quietly and walked toward the door.

Silver yelled from the corner of the room, “Get out of here.”

Frank turned toward Giovanni and said, “You are a pathetic. I looked up to you, but now you are nothing but a sad shell of a man. I don’t need this shell.”

He opened the door and turned back quickly, “Your mother would be so disappointed.”

Frank slammed the door as he left.

I know this feels like a strange interlude after the previous chapter, but there are overarching story reasons for it. Don’t know who Frank is? Check out “Chapter 4, Lunch in Violet City” for more. Confused? Check out the index for the full set of chapters for Pokemon Golden Dreams here.

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