Midweek Links: 2017 Anime Favorites, ERB Updates, 2017 Top K-Pop Hits

After a two week breather with Christmas and New Years, I’m back with my midweek links. Let’s check out what new articles or links I’ve decided to curate for you at the start of 2018.

Are you on Twitter? Well, I get it if you’re not. If you are, though, I recommend following these accounts:

  • wankotkt – This is a Japanese account that makes visual stories using figures in a few panels. It’s brilliantly done.
  • Kerry Wilson – Wilson has a relatively small, but funny Twitter account with a focus on parenting humor with real stories from her family. She’s definitely worth a follow!

As for music for this week, let’s go back 2 years…to Blackpink’s “Boombayah.”

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