PGD: Caleb, Elm, and Theodosia

Caleb and Elm embrace after a hard fought match.

“It really has been far too long,” Elm says. “My you two have grown up.” Elm walks over to Junior and Penny. “The last time I saw you, you were…”

“We get it, we were young,” Junior rolls his eyes. Elm tousles Junior’s hair and throws his arm around Caleb. “Let’s talk, shall we?”

The two begin walking with Junior and Penny behind them. Jessie just kind of stands there. She doesn’t really know what to do.

They are not my family, she thinks to herself. These are just random passerbys I ran into. I can just walk away now. It would be really easy to do. Just then she sees Caleb turn and look back.

“Join us, Jessie. We’re going to celebrate the victory over dinner soon.”

Jessie looked down for a moment. I can walk away at any time. “Sure, I can eat,” she calls back as she follows behind the kids.

Elm leans in to Caleb. “Are you serious about this? Are you really going to become a Pokemon trainer and take on the League challenge?”

Caleb nods, “As serious as I’ve been about any decision in my life. Yes, I’m doing it.” Elm knew Caleb was always dead serious when he made a big decision. Elm remembers conversations they had when Caleb and Lydia were thinking of having kids. Caleb had just finished his design on the Radio Tower in Goldenrod and construction was just under way. Lydia had been pushing and Caleb had been unsure for a while. Then something just clicked. Elm remembers the conversation well. Caleb told him they were having kids and that was that. Within a month, Lydia was pregnant.

“All right then, I just wanted to make sure. If so, here you go.” Elm handed over a Great Ball to Caleb.

“What’s this?”

“Your starter.”

Caleb took the ball in hand. Looked it over. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Elm smirked.

Caleb took the ball in hand and prepared himself. He threw the ball to the ground and said, “Uhm, let’s see who you are…Pokemon starter…”

The ball struck the ground and opened. A glowing light came forth and bursting from the beam of light was a small, blue creature with red spikes along it’s back. It had large, red eyes that looked up at Caleb as if to say, “So, you are my master now.”

Caleb knelt down and put a hand on the creature’s head. “A little totodile, eh?”

Elm said, “Yes, a female one. I figured it could serve as a nice counter balance to Bobby over here,” pointing to his Growlithe.

Caleb pet the Totodile and just smiled. It was adorable, but he knew it was a powerful little creature. He also knew what it evolved into. He and Lydia had a friend who raised a Totodile as a child that evolved as he grew up into a Feraligatr. The creature was enormous, fearsome, but also incredibly friendly and sweet. Lydia had told Caleb that she had always wanted a Pokemon of her own as a child, just one to raise herself. Caleb had Bobby and it became the family’s Pokemon. Lydia also made sure that their children each had their own Pokemon to catch, take care of, and raise from a young age.

“Theodosia.” Caleb said.

Everyone just looked at him oddly.

“What’s Theodosia,” Elm asked.

Caleb looked back at the Totodile. “The name of my Totodile. You like the name?” He tossed a Poke-bean at the Totodile who snatched it mid-air. It almost looked like it was smiling as Caleb rubbed it’s head again.

The kid’s felt as though they recognized the name. Elm knew, though. That was Lydia’s middle name. He’s naming his Totodile after his wife.

After a meal together, Caleb and and Elm walked out of town with everyone else walking behind, including Jessie.

“All right, let’s test you out, Theodosia.” Bobby and Theodosia ran together ahead. They stopped suddenly in front of a small patch of tall grass.

“Go ahead,” Elm said.

Caleb walked into the tall grass and immediately a large, flying Pokemon emerged. It had a huge, brown, round body with large red eyes and a single, thick leg. The Hoothoot jumped toward Theodosia very quickly, tackling it to the ground.

“Theodosia, use scratch!”

Theodosia leapt into action slashing his claws along the face of the Hoothoot. The creature staggered back and began growling at Theodosia. Theodosia gave a leering glare at the Hoothoot.

“Theodosia, another scratch!” Once more, Theodosia jumped forward slashing its claws along the Hoothoot. The Hoothoot retaliated by taking down Theodosia to the ground with a strong tackle.

The Hoothoot stood back and growled once more at Theodosia with Theodosia continuing its leering stare.

Theodosia went in with another slash at Caleb’s command. The Hoothoot flew back and fainted on the ground. Theodosia had won her first Pokemon battle.

Caleb ran over and picked up his new, little hero. “Well done! Let’s get you to the Pokemon center little one. You did good.”

Elm smiled as he watched Caleb and his family walked back to the Pokemon center. Elm waved and said, “I’ll be off – you guys enjoy the rest of your day and good luck on your quest.”

Caleb smiled back and simply said, “Thank you.”

He turned to everyone and said, “All right guys. I think Theodosia needs some more training before we head to the next gym. And I should probably catch a new Pokemon or two. Let’s head toward Azalea through Route 32.”

Caleb, Penny, and Junior began walking south toward Route 32. Once more, Jessie found herself in a weird situation. She liked these people. Genuinely did. But they were not her good friends. They were not her team. They were not her family. She had no ties to them. She had absolutely zero reason to keep with them. But, she actually wanted to go to Azalea anyway.

Jessie calls ahead, “Hey, wait up. I was going to Azalea anyway. So, I’ll come with you.”

Caleb just smiled. “Come on, let’s go. You can help us spot some wild Pokemon and give me some tips. You definitely have more experience than I do in this area.”

The four of them then walked off to Route 32 to continue on this fantastic adventure.

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