Festivus 2017

Hey my ridiculous and foolish readers. The season of disappointment and airing of grievances is upon us. Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us. As is tradition at this blog, I will outline that which disappointed me in the past year. Feel free to disagree as you see fit. It is time for the Airing of Grievances:

Alabama Republican Primary Voters – Really? Roy Moore was the best choice? The man who wants to arrest people for being homosexual? The man who thinks every amendment after the 10th was a problem in the Constitution? The man who was censured/removed from office. Twice. The man who had genuine, corroborated accusations of creeping on teen girls in his 30s? Really? That’s better than the Generic Republican that was Luther Strange? Come on.

Baltimore Ravens – You keep getting my hopes up, only to keep crushing them with close defeats. We’ll get glimmers of hope with complete shutouts early in the season, followed by complete failure. It’s difficult being a Ravens fan as they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Hoping they can do better in the home stretch.

Donald Trump – Enough said.

Everyone Who Defended Roy Moore – This is straight-forward. If you defended Roy Moore in 2017, you were doing something wrong. He believed homosexuality should be illegal. He thought it was unconstitutional to kneel during the National Anthem. He does not understand the Constitution. He also had credible claims of sexual misconduct. Very credible and corroborated. He was wrong and awful and defending him is wrong and awful. This is not really all that complicated.

John Lasseter – There have been a lot of revelations this year as brave men and women have stepped forward to tell their stories about unwanted sexual advances or assault. It’s been eye opening and surprising in many instances. Some have been incredibly shocking for me, such what came out about Kevin Spacey. The one that was the most upsetting and disappointing was John Lasseter. Yes, some stories for others were “worse” if we’re gradating such things, but Lasseter was an example of children’s animation who had helped define the childhood of millions with the stories he helped weave. To find out that this man has numerous credible allegations of sexually predatory and crude behavior is upsetting.

P.A. Works – I want more Sakura Quest. Like now. I know that’s never going to happen because of the way you ended it…but the way you ended it made me want it even more! I want more episodes seeing what happened in Manoyama after Yoshino left. Or maybe a spinoff following Yoshino on her new quest into a new town. I mean, that may end up being awful and ruin the poignant ending they prepared…but part of me doesn’t care. The show was so good – my favorite of the year.

Warau Salesman NEW – I really liked the first episode – a dark comedy anime series based on manga from one of the co-creators of Doraemon that makes you think about regret and desire. Then it got repetitive. And more repetitive. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great and got predictable/boring by the end. I was hoping for more. Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t feel it lived up to the potential of such an interesting concept.

Previous Festivus articles can be viewed here. I’m so disappointed in those who don’t read them. Feel free to air your own grievances in the comments.

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