Midweek Links: Butt Detective, Hamildrops, Excitonium

New week, new set of links. Let’s dive right in below the fold.

  • OtakuUSA Magazine has the scoop on Butt Detective. Yes, that’s a real thing. It’s a series of Japanese kid’s books and there’s an anime series in the works. It has a preview clip of the first episode in the article.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda surprised me (and a lot of people) announcing Hamildrops this week. It’ll be a series of new songs with lyrics by Miranda and music by him/others that were considered/planned for Hamilton, but not included. The first was a song about Benjamin Franklin. You’ll see it soon enough.
  • WTOP is reporting about an expansion of medical marijuana facilities in Maryland. It’s about time as it’s been legal for a while. Expansion of the program just makes sense.
  • A while back, Aniwey produced the ridiculous and interesting Candy Box games. I had forgotten about them, but here’s the link to play Candy Box 2. It is confusing as the game literally just starts with you collecting candies, but eventually turns into a large ASCII RPG. It’s surprising and interesting. There’s more information here.
  • Laura Neuman, the former Anne Arundel County Executive who lost the GOP primary in 2014…is now a registered Independent. Which is interesting as she also now lives in Baltimore County? Is she considering an independent bid for County Executive? I know I’d support her.
  • Beneath the Tangles has been doing a series of 12 Days of Anime Christmas articles. This is the introduction, but check out the site for more information and read through some of the fabulous pieces by the great staff.
  • The AP reported on a heartwarming story about a person who paid off thousands of dollars worth of layaway for random families at a Walmart in Pennsylvania. These families who were trying to pay slowly to afford items just had an anonymous hero pay off their layaway purchases. I’m not crying…it’s just dusty here.
  • Science is reporting about a new form of matter called excitonium. It’s a condensate form of matter made of excitons. I only vaguely understand it, but it was a fascinating read!

This week, I’m going to recommend you follow the following Twitter accounts. Do it. Like now:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Yes, it’s an official Sonic the Hedgehog account. Yes, you should follow it. It is fantastic.
  • Never Thought I’d… – Say to my kids. That’s the account. It’s about things parents never expected they’d be saying to their kids and, as a parent, it’s funny.

Music for the week? It’s the newest Hamildrop track where Lin Manuel Miranda worked with the Decemberists to make a song about Benjamin Franklin. A warning – there’s quite a bit of strong language, so those who don’t like it – avoid it.

The next two weeks there most likely won’t be any midweek links due to Christmas and New Years. So, please have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year.



A Festivus post will be forthcoming on Saturday, though. You were warned.

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