Presidential Pokedex

What began as a joke exchange between me, Kim Marcum, and Matt Dawson…has become an important post. This is the Presidential Pokedex.

  1. Wash (G. Washington) – Normal Type – Wash is an honest President-mon that hates when Pokemon pick their own types. Wash was the first President-mon and it’s Tree Cut attack is strong against both Water and Grass Types. They are generally found in close company of the Normal-type Alemilton, which creates fights with Jadamo and Jeffertom in the wild.
  2. Jadamo (J. Adams) – Water/Fighting Type – Jadamo is a water type President-mon that hates Jeffertoms. The two will constantly be seen in the wild arguing. Jadamo’s Prickly fighting attack stings wild Jefferoms and Alemiltons leading to confusion.
  3. Jeffertom (T. Jefferson) – Grass/Dark Type – Jeffertom is a ferocious Grass/Dark type President-mon that is a natural opponent of wild Jadamo. It’s “Written Word” attack tends to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.
  4. Demmad (J. Madison) – Grass Type – Demmad is a wild Grass type President-mon that has strong Federalist Paper attacks. It’s power grows in the sun and when its crops are being maintained by forced laborers. Demmad are a natural ally of Jeffertom.
  5. Roemon (J. Monroe) – Normal Type – Roemon is a strong, support type President-mon that provides encouragement when paired with others with his “Good Feelings” move.
  6. Quadamo (J.Q. Adams) – Water/Psychic Type – Evolves from Jadamo. Quadamo’s Diplomacy skill allows it to end battles early without a single attack made. Quadmo’s are constantly under attack in nature by Olickory’s.
  7. Olickory (A. Jackson) – Dark Type – Olickory is a strong and ornery President-mon that generally dislikes those which are different than itself. After winning battles, it will give back Pokedollars earned arguing that physical currency is a national blight.
  8. Burnsie (M. Van Buren) – Psychic Type – Burnsie is a fox-like President-mon which has strong Diplomacy skills allowing it to end battles early. It is one of the few President-mons in nature to get along with an Olickory.
  9. Willhen (W.H. Harrison) – Ghost Type – Willhen’s are a very rare President-mon and very little is known about their attacks or actions in nature. Willhen’s have weak constitutions and generally lose quickly in battle.
  10. Tylator (J. Tyler) – Normal Type – Tylator is a rare President-mon who wields strong Executive Authority attacks. Tylator is well known for having it’s type able to be revoked in battle without the ability to adjust , giving it no strengths but also no weakenesses.
  11. Darkorse (James K. Polk) – Dragon/Steel Type – Darkorse is a steel type President-mon with a small move set that can cause maximum damage. It’s Iron Tail and Iron Defense moves are incredibly effective when battling against enemies opposed to the Texan border.
  12. Zaylor (Z. Taylor) – Fighting Type – Zaylor continually undertakes strenuous training to master all forms of battle. Zaylor has few other interests outside of battles and is generally lazy apart from battling.
  13. Fillifill (M. Fillmore) – Fire Type – Fillfill is a fire type President-mon that loves itself more than any other type of President-mon. It periodically causes Confusion to all (including itself) in battle due to its Know-Nothing ability.
  14. Fiercikarp (F. Pierce) – Water Type – Fiercikarp is a youthful President-mon that maintains its youthful appearance through constant drinking. It can lay eggs, but few offspring survive as its eggs are constantly eaten by other President-mons. Fiercikarp’s Compromise attacks can slow battles allowing it to gain the upper hand against stronger opponents.
  15. Buchabull (J. Buchanan) – Electric Type – Buchabull are known to be fiercely opposed to change, unwilling to make changes even when they appear necessary. A raging Buchabull provoked gives off strong static charges which can cause unions to split.
  16. Honastabe (A. Lincoln) – Fire Type – Honastabe is a strong, focused Fire type President-mon that likes to unite opposing forces in battle. It’s Address attack can render Grass Type President-mon’s frozen allowing for unexpected supporters to strike.
  17. Unionis (A. Johnson) – Fairy Type – Unionis is a weaker President-mon that is generally unusable in battle. Its attacks are constantly thwarted by its Radical Republican status. It is one of two President-mons to have the Impeached weakness in battle allowing opponents to attempt to boot the President-mon from battle through a vote of all participants.
  18. Usgranite (U.S. Grant) – Rock/Fighting Type – Usgranite grows by feeding on rocks and eats its way through a ton of rocks on a daily basis. It is a strong grappler, but can be weakened by Strong Drink attacks.
  19. Rutherford (R.B. Hayes) – Normal Type – Rutherford is a generally boring President-mon despite being controversial when it was first discovered. It’s Merit ability allows it to change type based on its opponent’s type.
  20. Mondamitor (J. Garfield) – Ghost Type – Mondamitor are rare President-mon and are known for their mostly docile, non-confrontational nature. Mondamitors Target ability can make most attacks target them in battle, protecting supporting President-mons.
  21. Chestera (C.A. Arthur) – Steel Type – Chestera is a Steel Type machine-like President-mon. It’s Morgan Machine ability can help it win battles through a combination of confusion of its enemies and enhancement of allies in battle. Chestera is a natural predator for Rutherford.
  22. Cleveland (G. Cleveland) – Normal Type – Cleveland is an easygoing President-mon who wants to generally leave others alone. Clevelands are fond of young, female trainers.
  23. Benison (B. Harrison) – Psychic Type – Benison is a Psychic type who’s Tariff move strike enemies unsuspectingly causing mass loss of coin during the battle. Benison’s Equal Rights ability will lead to equalization of differing President-mon types minimizing potential type matching effects.
  24. Ghastland (G. Cleveland, Second Term) – Ghost Type – Evolution of Cleveland. Cleveland will evolve into Ghastland immediately post-battle if it loses to to Benison. Ghastland’s Anti-Tax attacks can cause severe damage to Psychic Type Liberal President-mons.
  25. Willkin (W. McKinley) – Rock Type – Willkin is a rock type President-mon with strong defense. It is very strong against international Politician-mons with its Protectionism moves boosting its defense and Interventionism strengthening its attacks.
  26. Moosevelt (T. Roosevelt) – Fighting Type – Moosevelt is a power fighting type President-mon that is very aggressive in battle. It’s Sturdy ability allows it to withstand strong attacks and continue going with 1 HP, even bullet wounds! It’s Trust Buster move takes down even the largest of corporate opponents.
  27. Repraft (W.H. Taft) – Bug Type – Repraft is a wiley Bug type President-mon with even stronger Trust Buster attacks than Moosevelt. Wild Repraft also can be found in Justice and President forms. In Justice form, Repraft is svelte, fast, and strictly interprets the law. In President form, Repraft is large and aggressive in battle giving bonuses to Attack and Special Attack.
  28. Woodly (W. Wilson) – Flying Type – Woodly is a swift, flying type President-mon that can unexpectedly shift from strong to weak in battle. The Fourteen Point attack from Woodly can render opponents weak and allow for quick ending to battles.
  29. Hardoom (W.G. Harding) – Dark Type – Hardoom is a sneaky Dark type President-mon that uses rhetorical Normalcy to render more outlandish opponents frozen. Their Corruption ability can lead to increased money from winning a battle, but a percentage chance of being forced to forfeit and lose automatically. Hardooms are weaker when battling in the Teapot Dome Colosseum.
  30. Coolvin (C. Coolidge) – Ice Type – Coolvins are a generally stand off-ish Ice type President-mon that prefers to be left alone. This President-mon is naturally immune to noise based attacks due to its Silent Cal ability.
  31. Herbertaur (H. Hoover) – Water Type – Whoever its opponent, and however horrible the attack it receives, all Herbertaur does is Splash around with little to no effect. It is incredibly weak to Great Depression attacks
  32. Psydelano (F.D. Roosevelt) – Psychic Type – Psydelano is a floating, psychic type President-mon known for not using its legs. Psydelano’s New Deal attack is especially strong against Great Depression era Politician-mons.
  33. Harr (H. Truman) – Dragon Type – Harr is a large, boisterous Dragon type President-mon who’s Underestimated ability makes opponents attacks weakened in battle. Its Nuclear Decision attack can decimate foes in a single hit, but Harr can only use it twice in a lifetime then will refuse to do it even if commanded to do so.
  34. Ikesaur (D. Eisenhower) – Normal/Fighting Type – Ikesaur is a dual Normal and Fighting type that has strong, strategic sense. People like Ikesaur. In battle, it is weakened by President-mons with the natural Hyper-Partisanship ability.
  35. Jacken (J.F. Kennedy) – Flying Type – Jacken is a youthful President-mon who’s Flying Hope attack is incredibly strong against Fighting type President-mons. Jacken are natural predators of Nix. Jacken are weaker when battling in arenas housed in Texas.
  36. Beejontor (L.B. Johnson) – Bug Type – Beejontor is a Bug Type President-mon with the Hyper-Partisanship ability, which makes it stronger in battles against opponents which have opposite types. Beejontor can be overconfident in battle leading to itself suffering from Confusion when it gets below 10% health.
  37. Nix (R. Nixon) – Psychic/Fighting Type – Nix are loner President-mons that are not trusting of others. They are especially weak to Daylight and Sunshine attacks which can weaken Nix’s Hidden Power attack. Nix’s Resignation ability allows it to leave battle quickly when attacked multiple times in the same round.
  38. Rerord (G. Ford) – Fairy Type – Rerord is an unexpected fairy type President-mon. Rerord’s Unelected ability allows it to swap with another Politician-mon in battle and attack first.
  39. Peanucart (J. Carter) – Poison Type – Peanucart is a charismatic Poison type President-mon that’s Attraction ability weakens the attacks of opposing Politician-mons. It is very common in Southern grasslands and is known for its support role automatically healing support Political-mon post-battle with its Habitat ability.
  40. Gipper (R. Reagan) – Ground Type – Gipper is a feisty, ancient ground type Political-mon. It’s Supply Side ability gives it a huge attack boost when it’s already leading in battle.
  41. Oldibush (G.H.W. Bush) – Rock Type – Olidbush is an ancient rock type Poltiical-mon. Its Read My Lips ability allows Oldibush to use noise based attacks against Political-mons which are immune. Oldibush evolves into Dubyabush.
  42. Billyclin (B. Clinton) – Psychic Type – Billyclin is a male-only species of President-mon that is generally compatible to mate with every other type of Political-mon. It is a smooth Psychic type President-mon well known for using Confusion on younger opponents. It is one of two President-mons to have the Impeached weakness in battle allowing opponents to attempt to boot the President-mon from battle through a vote of all participants.
  43. Dubyabush (G.W. Bush) – Rock Type – Dubyabush is a charismatic Rock type President-mon. It’s Compassionate Conservatism attacks are surprisingly strong against Psychic type Political-mons. Dubyabush evolves from Oldibush.
  44. Bhosaur (B. Obama) – Ice/Fairy Type – The majestic Bhosaur is known as a unifying President-mon. It’s Hopenchange move strengthen allies in battle and its Verbal ability sends noise attacks to confuse and weaken opponents.
  45. The Donarump (D. Trump) – Normal Type – The Donarump is a singular, normal type President-mon. There are no others like it. It’s Payday and Populism attacks generally cause confusion among opponents due to them somehow being deployed simultaneously.

And that’s your Presidential Pokedex. Here’s a few bonus entries on other Political-mons:

  • Alemilton (A. Hamilton) – Normal Type – Alemilton is a strong supporter of Wash and natural enemy of both Jadamo and Jeffertom. It’s strong Written Word can attack 5 times in a given round, however it has the possibility of striking itself. Alemilton always attacks first as the Mon is non-stop.
  • Hillyclin (H. Clinton) – Ghost Type – Hillyclin is a female-only species of Political-mon. It is a strong Political-mon who’s Shatter destroys glass ceilings on a regular basis. It is highly compatible with Billyclin and a natural enemy of The Donarump.

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