Midweek Links: Alabama Voter Compromises, Shkreli’s Seized Wu Tang Album, Anime Industry Interviews

Another week, another round of strange and interesting articles. Let’s dive in below the fold.

Twitter recommendations this week are going to be super controversial in that I have 4 of them. Okay, not really. Here we go:

  • Shower Thoughts – Shower thoughts is a collection of random comments people submit about weird thoughts they’ve had in the shower. It’s kind of like Jack Handy’s (or my) deep thoughts. It’s fun and worth following.
  • Kim Back Writes – Kim is a work-at-home Mom who is very clever and friendly on Twitter. Her tweets (and the RTs she finds) are worth checking out if you enjoy funny parents!
  • Out of Context BTVS – This account is literally comprised of random screenshots taken out of context from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That’s all this account does and I absolutely love it. You should follow it. No really.
  • Nate Ming – Nate is a staff member at Crunchyroll/VRV working in customer support. He talks about anime, culture, music, video games, and whatever else he feels like talking about. I know him and I don’t agree on everything, but he’s generally courteous to differing opinions and offers a reasonable/interesting voice online.

Music this week will be the ridiculously catchy and straight out of the 80s feel “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. It’s so good. I could listen to this on loop…

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