Mountain Dew Holiday Brew – Review

Mountain Dew Holiday Brew is a Christmas themed Dew. It’s comprised of a combination of regular Mountain Dew and Code Red. Let’s talk about my thoughts on this new, Holiday themed product.

Packaging: The new Holiday Brew has all the trappings of a classic Dew variant with a green/red color scheme. It feels very Chrsitmas-y using the colors we traditionally use to decorate for Christmas. It’s a decent design.

Flavor/Composition: Before talking in more depth about the flavor, let me say one thing: I do not like Code Red. I went into this knowing I dislike Code Red. With that in mind – I really enjoyed Mountain Dew’s Holiday Brew. The flavor is subtle and not overtly sweet. It has a subtle cherry taste to it while retaining much of the nuance of traditional Mountain Dew. It’s actually a rather refreshing flavor.

Conclusion: Want to taste Christmas in a can? Well, it doesn’t taste like that. This is a subtle, nuanced Mountain Dew with notes of cherry. I really enjoy it, as do my kids. I would definitely recommend it.

Have you tried Mountain Dew Holiday Brew? Interested? Not interested? Discuss it all in the comments below.

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