Midweek Links: Other Link Roundups, Failure in Sakura Quest, Our Valued Customers

It’s that time of the week again – time to talk about…what links/articles I found interesting over the past week. First, please know I encourage you to comment here – but also at the original website too. Click the links, explore, and tell them what you find interesting! That said, let’s go with this strange, curated list…

New thing I’m adding for this week – Twitter recommendations! I’m going to plug a couple accounts that I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • The Messed Nest – A new account chronicling some of the funny aspects of parenthood! Funny stuff so far, so worth checking out if you are into parent/kid humor coming from real life!
  • Bootleg Stuff – Bootleg Stuff is a straightforward account – it posts pictures of clearly bootlegged products. It’s a treasure trove of funny images of clear fakes. Check it out!

My music of the week? Let’s go with this fantastic Hamilton Acappella medley curated by Peter Hollens. Very well done!

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  1. Nice choices in Pokemon. I can’t do that since I like a lot of Pokemon and I haven’t been caught on the new ones. The Bootleg Stuff account is really funny to see.

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