Midweek Links: Marshadow is Coming, JOLT IS BACK, and Wait, Mario’s Not a Plumber?

Missed this last week with a lot of busy things personally, but we’re back with more midweek links. We know you love all the random, assorted news I enjoy. Maybe. Let’s begin.

  • CBR.com is reporting that according to Nintendo – Mario is no longer a plumber. He used to be years ago, they say. Let’s be real – it’s true. Mario has probably not turned a wrench in 20 years. At this point, he’s an icon more than a plumber.
  • As football season is about to start, I feel the urge to share my piece about how I used to hate football…and love it now.
  • Geek.com is reporting that JOLT Cola is coming back. JOLT COLA IS COMING BACK! GET HYPED! AHHHH! Old school containers. It sill be here at the end of September in Dollar Generals across the country.
  • Marshadow is coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon! Beginning on October 9, you’ll be able to get it at GameStop locations. It’s a Fighting/Ghost type Pokemon which makes it fascinating in battle. Want.
  • Clueless: Senior Year is coming – a comic book about Clueless continuing the story from the original film. I’ll be honest, that could be a lot of fun!
  • Tim Keller wrote an article on the Gospel Coalition about how Christians need to full stop reject white nationalism. No but wait. No but, they agree with us on this. There is no “but on the other hand.” They are wrong and their viewpoint is evil.
  • Willhelm Donko did a walk through the real life areas which inspired Sakura Quest’s Manoyama. Donko ended up walking through Nanto in the Toyama Prefecture during this portion of his walk through these real areas. It’s a very cool look at the real areas which match up with one of the better anime series out right now.

Any links I missed? Yes, yes there were. Discuss that and comment on these links in the comments below.

Time to end with music and this time I go with the incredibly talented Todrick Hall who has outdone himself with his compilation song 4 the 2000s. Watch it. Now. Like right now. It’s so good.

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  1. The Mario news surprised yesterday. Goodbye plumber job.

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