Midweek Links: Forgiveness, Marriage Incompatibility, Sanrio x FMA

Well, I’m out of town for work – but still got together a bunch of links/articles I found interesting to share with you this week. Let’s dive right in!

  • Dr. Henry Cloud is an author and psychologist who wrote an interesting article about forgiveness and trust. He talks about how you can forgive a person, but after they violated your trust (such as with infidelity) that trust needs to be re-earned. Worth reading the article.
  • TWWK at Beneath the Tangles wrote an interesting piece on marriage, incompatibility, and the anime Koi to Uso. It’s worth checking out as we all examine our own relationships and whether we really as as perfect for each other as we seem to think.
  • Speaking of anime – Yatta-Tachi has once again compiled in an easy to find location all the hashtags for the Summer 2017 anime season. It’s very helpful in figuring out how to find all the other discussions (and art) on social media about shows your watching.
  • I had to embed this tweet. No really:

Want to talk about any of the articles? Join in the discussions in the comments section below.

As usual, I end each of these with music. Here’s JY Park’s “Still Alive.”

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  1. A cute Fullmetal Alchemist collaboration? I want one where Ed is shouting lol.

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