Midweek Links: Heroic Plague Victims, Other Spideys, Peterson on Marriage

It’s that time of the week again where I’ve compiled some of the more interesting articles or links I’ve thought about, reviewed, read, or shared over the past week. This week is a little…more random than normal. You’ll see. I can’t help being all over the place.

  • Teresa Christina wrote an excellent guest post at Beneath the Tangles about how anime helped her grow closer to God. How? Read the piece as she goes through the story of Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal and connects it to her faith in Christ.
  • Former Presidential Speechwriter Matt Latimer at Politico posits an interesting scenario – what if Donald Trump ran and won as a Democrat in 2016. Let’s be real for a moment, Donald Trump has no real ideological core and has been on every side of every issue (sometimes in a single speech), it wouldn’t be that far fetched for Trump to have been a Democratic candidate in 2016. It’s an interesting thought experiment and a good point on media and our own internal biases
  • Religion News Service has an interesting interview with Pastor and best selling author Eugene Peterson. The octogenarian Pastor and theologian best known for being the person who prepared The Message Bible translation/summary, implied in the interview that he supports same-sex marriage and would perform a same-sex marriage ceremony in church. The next day?He recanted and said he does not support same-sex marriage. So, there’s that. Not sure if it was really noteworthy, but it’s an odd overnight shift that makes me wonder if it was a genuine shift, he was initially misquoted, or if he felt the urge to respond due to blow-back from the initial comments.
  • The crew at Beneath the Tangles is watching a lot of anime (myself included) and as a group we’re posting up our First Impressions of various shows. Other groups doing some first impression takes on the first episodes of the Summer 2017 season? Anime Feminist (some of which have some great snark) and Peter Fobian at Crunchyroll (very CR heavy show-wise and primarily recommendations of what he thinks people would like).
  • I recently talked about Garfield Minus Garfield with some people as…I do not like Garfield and this is awesome. So, I feel I need to share it again. It’s a comic where Dan Walsh literally takes old Garfield comics and removes Garfield from them. What is left is John Arbuckle talking to himself. It’s fascinating and worth checking out.
  • Over at Nerdist they have a great list of some of the best Spider-heroes not named Peter Parker. Some of my favorite? Spider-man 2099, who was such a complex and interesting character. I’d love to see a film set in that universe.
  • Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris, a medical historian,  tells us a story of an entire community of heroes during the time of the Bubonic Plague. In the English village of Eyam in Derbyshire, the Bubonic Plague arrived inside the community in 1666. What did they do? They built a huge wall and locked themselves in to prevent the spread of the disease. Read the article, it is such an unexpected and heartbreaking tale of heroism.
  • Texas Monthly has an infographic up about the size of Texas compared to a bunch of other land masses. It’s worth checking out for the giggles of it all.

Any news or articles you wanted to share? Feel free to add them into the comments. Have thoughts on the articles I’ve posted? Let me know!

As usual, let’s end with some music. Here’s Chase Holfelder‘s new music video for his minor key rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

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