Midweek Links: Pekken, Lost in Translation, Joke Memes

It’s time for my weekly link roundup. What do I find interesting? A lot of different things and this weekly piece helps me consolidate those interesting articles into one, digestible roundup for me and others. Now, let’s jump into this weird mix of articles.

  • The New York Times wrote an article talking about how memes spread by tackling the Milkshake Duck tweet meme. It’s an interesting note and commentary on how things suddenly enter into our culture.
  • Scott Gordon at SBC Voices has a new piece on the new Christian Standard Bible. It’s an update of the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation (which I use at home in my personal readings). They make some interesting notes and let us know their thoughts on the translation overall. It sounds good to me and I’m interested in seeing more of it.
  • Counter-Strike modders created…Tekken with Chickens? Pekken? I like the idea cause…well, I’m odd.
  • Wonder Woman and Hello Kitty are teaming up. No, not in the comics pages – with merchandise! What else? What it gives us is a lot of very cute items with both Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman logos strewn all across it.
  • Who else is teaming up with Sanrio? Yuri!!! on Ice. What we’re seeing so far is absolutely adorable and fun.
  • Caitlin at I Have a Heroine Problem wrote a great article about Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and the feeling of being an outsider in a foreign culture. It’s well written and reminds us of that well crafted element of the show. Tohru and her fellow dragons felt out of place, but watching them adapt and learn was great and very real.
  • Watch any anime from the Spring 2017 season? Of course you did (or maybe you didn’t). Want to see some thoughts on the season? Here’s a few below:

Any articles I missed? Of course! Any news you think I should highlight or weird websites that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below. Want to talk about one of the articles? Do that too in the comments! Basically – I’m asking you to comment. So, go to it.

Let’s end with music! This time it’s That Poppy’s “Money.” You’re welcome.


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