Midweek Links: Non-Christian Friends, Good Bad Things, Just Wrong Articles

It’s that time of the week again. Time for midweek links! Check below the fold for all the news/articles I found interesting this past week.

  • Sam at his Unsheathed Blog talks about “Good Bad Things,” specifically about the Machiavellian view that the ends justifies the means as shown in the Death Note. It serves as a good reminder that evil is evil, no matter if there are “good” seeming outcomes from it.
  • No. This is incorrect. That is all.
  • My most recent Beneath the Tangles article is about an interesting footnote from history: the friendship between Daimyō Oda Nobunaga and Catholic Missionary Luís Fróis. It serves as an important reminder that we as Christians should absolutely have non-Christian friends.
  • Speaking of Beneath the Tangles, Frank AKA stardf29 prepared an article about freedom and when we use that freedom to serve through the lens of Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. He talks about how when we willingly choose to serve others, it is very different from forced servitude. It’s an item worth exploring in anime as well as when we learn more about our faith.
  • Michele Sontag of Yatta-Tachi prepared an interesting article on Japanese street fashion. I’ll be honest, I know nothing about any of this, so I found the explanation helpful and interesting.
  • Nathan Finn wrote a guest post at SBC Voices about the recent Southern Baptist Convention and the story behind the anti-racism/anti-alt-right resolution. He talks a lot about what went on at the Convention leading to its eventual passage as well as the controversy surrounding it not coming to the floor in the first place. It’s a worthwhile read to understand the inner workings of the SBC a little better and also to remind you – there is no existing racist majority trying to quash things within the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Sheena is a Christian woman who recently discovered that Doctors are done with testing as they are unable to determine the cause of her chronic ailments. She talks about this on her blog and about how she seeks God to provide comfort in the knowledge that she is loved, she is not a failure, and that she can deal with the unknown. It’s a short piece, but worth a read.

Any links I missed? Feel free to share them in the comments.

As usual, we’ll be ending with music. This week? We’ve got Chase Holfelder doing a “kitchen cover” of Imagine Dragons’ Believer. Enjoy.

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