Midweek Links: Weed Lowering Opioid Addictions, Conversion Therapy Issues, Katy Perry’s Faith

Welcome to our newest roundup of links! Let’s jump right in below the fold of a roundup of randomly assorted articles I found interesting this past week.

  • A recent study has shown that states with legalized marijuana have seen a drop off in opioid related deaths and other issues associated with opioid abuse. It’s an interesting side effect that I don’t think people may have considered ahead of time. While I’m sure others will argue this is a mere coincidence, I don’t think it is and I definitely think it warrants more study.
  • Writer and Anime Feminist staff member Josei recently wrote a piece on Chihayafuru, gendered expectations, and community. As a Dad with 3 daughters and a brother with 5 sisters, I know not every girl/woman matches exactly to what society expects of them. We all have different interests and support of that is important.
  • Debra Sow of Newsday writes an interesting editorial about bans of conversion therapy and why the bands may be misguided. In spite of the shocking sounding headline, the author is not supporting conversion therapy, but discussing statistics and how these laws, by conflating sexual orientation with gender identity, may be inadvertently hurting those they intend to help. It’s an interesting item of note.
  • Beneath the Tangles (where I also write a fortnightly column) is doing a Patreon drive right now. Join before June 30 and be entered to win some Kimi no Na Wa merchandise. Check it out – great site, great content!
  • Jenna Shackelford at Faithwire wrote an interesting piece about how Katy Perry and her rejection of the Christian faith reveals a big issue in the modern church. That issue? The church is not doing enough to teach members apologetics and being open to detailed, and at times hard, questions about faith. It has been said to me that if you never questioned your faith and thought it through at some point, you do not truly understand your own faith. I think that’s true and I think we all could use a bit more thought in what we believe.
  • Last week Bat in the Sun posted their most recent and highly anticipated Super Power Beat Down episode – Boba Fett vs Star Lord. It’s very well done and I feel they always capture the personality of the characters well. Check it out here! You can also vote now at their website for their next battle!

Anything I missed last week? Obviously. Let me know and comment on the articles here (or at the original sites).

As usual, I close with music. Here’s KJ-52’s “End of my Rope.” Enjoy!

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