Midweek Link Roundup: 5/24/17

Ready for a weird mix of random links that I happened to find interesting? Then let’s go.

  • At a recent episode of “Ask Us Anything,” K-Pop star PSY talked about the difficulties following the massive success of his song Gangnam Style. Basically, the frightening feelings of self-doubt that arose after about whether he will ever achieve such success again. It’s an interesting point we don’t often think about.
  • Newsarama reported last week of a new Watchmen-DC Universe proper crossover. From my understanding, Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen universe will become part of the mainstream DC universe in what will eventually be a battle with Superman? Call me intrigued.
  • Eric Bailey AKA “Nintendo Legend” was asked a question about how he interacts with LGBTQ+ persons on Twitter and how he reconciles that to his Christian faith. Read it, it’s worth a read. I hate that we as a culture feel that being polite to someone different than ourselves is something others need to reconcile to our faith. Loving our neighbor is paramount and being polite is part of that, even to those who disagree with us.
  • Amazon launched their Anime Strike channel last year, which is a paid subscription service that you need to already have an Amazon Prime account to use. Lauren Orsini has an article at Forbes about it and why anime fans aren’t quite as hyped about it. That said, they’re still using the service…more than Amazon even anticipated.
  • Otakuin 24 is reporting on some new Domo-kun figures and…I want them. They’re fantastic with him dressing in very cool, traditional Japanese attire.
  • Have you ever read Otaku Dad? It’s an online comic by Ronnie Filyaw about a Japanese culture/anime obsessed single Dad who creates a private school for his daughter based on his understanding of Japanese high school from anime. It’s cute and funny with heart. You should check it out (and read my review here).

News I missed? Of course, that’s a given. Disagree with my hot takes? Needed to share something with me yesterday? Toss it in the comments and maybe I can highlight it next week!

I’ll end, as usual, with music. Here’s a newer PSY song where he tells you to do what you love, aptly named “I Luv It”

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