Midweek Link Roundup: 5/10/17

An old feature of my old site was a midweek link roundup. I’ve decided to bring it back, at least for the time being. Here’s some links I found around the web that I think people may find interesting.

  • TWWK is back at Beneath the Tangles and pumping out piece after piece after piece on anime. One of my favorite recent ones was entitled “God as Mangaka (or the RE:Creator.” It’s an interesting piece on God’s role in our life and the anime RE:Creators. Check it out!
  • American Girl is rolling out its first Korean-American doll named Suzie “Z” Yang. My closest in age sister (have to specify as I have 5 sisters) was a big American Girl fan growing up, so seeing how the company has evolved and changed over time has been interesting (more via Mashable).
  • Did you like Yuri!!! on Ice? I did (my review). Well, they’ve recently announced an original movie with the characters is being made. You can check out more from Anime Herald. I, for one, welcome more figure skating anime and definitely welcome it on the big screen!
  • Lady Teresa Christina at her blog Otaku in my Veins has put herself out there very publicly about her struggles with depression. In her piece entitled, “The Truth about Depression (and how to help),” she talks about her faith, anime characters (from March Comes in like a Lion), and her struggles with depression.
  • Have you played any of the Wario platformers? You should. Kotaku prepared a very well done retrospective on the Wario platforming games.
  • Lauren Orsini of Otaku Journalist has launched recently a new, cool project entitled Anime Origin Stories. You can sign up at the website, or go through the blog to read about various people and how they came to love anime. Also, this past Friday she included an interview with…me, so check that out too!
  • Heineken rolled out a great ad in the UK where people with divergent viewpoints were run through an experiment knowing nothing of the other person ahead of time and trying to get to know each other as human beings. In the end, their divergent views were revealed and they were asked a simple question – walk away or continue talking over a drink? The results were awesome and an actual positive testament to humanity. More via Fast Company.
  • Thinking of introducing your children to manga? You totally should – here’s my article at Yatta-Tachi where I talk about my own recommendations on how to do just that!

Any news I missed? Obviously.

I’ll end with this – the song we always not-so-secretly wanted Pentatonix to cover, Bohemian Rhapsody:

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