PGD: Violet City Gym

Caleb entered the gym boldly with Jessie and his family in tow. He was ready, he thought to himself. I’ve trained for a while, this is the first gym in the Johto League. I’ve got this.

Abe walked over to Caleb, “What do you want, old man?” Abe was maybe 30 years old. He was no spring Torchic, Caleb thought to himself, not sure why he’s taunting me.

“I’m here to challenge Falkner.”

“You are not worthy of challenging Falkner, old man. You’ll need to get through…” A loud cry was heard and a Pidgeotto flew past them.

Falkner walked into the entrance and smirked as he looked at Caleb. “Welcome to the Violet City Gym. I’m Falkner. I’m here to weed out the posers from the real thing.”

Falkner looked Caleb up and down. “You don’t look like the real thing, to me. You look like you’ll fail today.” His smirk grew into a full smile. “Come on back, old man, let’s get this done with quickly.”

Caleb followed Falkner into the back room of the gym. Abe, Jessie, and Caleb’s children followed closely behind them.

Following some winding hallways, they reached a larger room in the back. Falkner stepped onto a platform and turned to face the crowd. “Are you ready, old man?”

Caleb smirked, “Of course. I would not be here were I not ready.”

Falkner said, “I don’t think you are. In fact, I think I can readily beat you. In fact, I plan to do so with one Pokemon.”

Caleb just stood there confused.

“I plan to use one Pokemon. You win, you get the badge. You lose, nothing changes, I just will prove my dominance.”

Caleb just shrugged it off. He knew he was new to all this, he knew he did not really know the league very well. Yet, this was his chance to shine. This was his first league match, his first gym battle. “Let’s do this. Ready to go Bobb-o?” Caleb’s growlithe, Bobby, gave a low grunt in agreement.

“Then let the match begin!” Falkner yelled. He pointed at Bobby, “Pidgeotto, quick attack!” Falkner’s Pidgeotto dove as if out of nowhere, flying rapidly past Bobby striking him on the back.

“Bobby, use bite!” Bobby dove at the Pidgeotto, flying on his face as he missed.

“Quick attack!” The Pidgeotto flew down striking Bobby on the legs this time in a fluid strike, returning back in front of Falkner.

Abe leaned over to Jessie, “Look at that old joke. He’s going to get creamed.” Jessie just rolled her eyes. She had seen these cocky types before. She used to recruit them for Team Rocket as they were perfect grunts. Not now, though. Now they were just irritating as she watched Caleb and Bobby flail around a bit in this Pokemon battle.

“Kick his tail,” Jessie yelled. Junior and Penny jumped up and yelled the same back.

Caleb smiled and turned to Bobby. “Let’s do this, old buddy. Ember.” Bobby opened his mouth and a steady stream of flames came out, slamming into the Pidgeotto. With charred wings, it fell to the ground suddenly.

It shook off the dust as Falkner yelled, “Gust, do it!” The Pidgeotto flew rapidly into the air moving its wings at incredible speeds and creating a major force of wind.

Bobby was struck backward about five feet, but pressed forward. “Leer, Bobby, leer.” Bobby gave a growl and roar that intimidated the Pidgeotto and made the gust suddenly stop.

“Gust again!” The Pidgeotto rose in the air to return fire with another gust.

“Leer, Bobby.” Once more a roar and intimidating glare was given by Bobby causing the Pidgeotto to stop its gust.

“Quick attack.” The Pidgeotto flew high and swiftly dove toward Bobby, striking him in the middle of his back. Bobby fell to the ground momentarily, but pulled himself right back up.

“Bite, Bobby.” Bobby charged at the Pidgeotto, chomping it’s large mouth down on the Pidgeotto’s right wing.

“Quick attack!” Falkner yelled, but the Pidgeotto just froze as Bobby chomped harder.

“Bite again, Bobby.” He clamped down with his mouth, drawing blood. The Pidgeotto wiggled himself free and into the sky. He was severely wounded.

“Quick attack! Now!” The Pidgeotto dove toward Bobby, much more slowly than before.

“Ember!” Caleb yelled while pointing at the Pidgeotto. Bobby opened his mouth and an enormous burst of flame exploded from his mouth, striking the Pidgeotto mid-flight. It dropped like a stone to the ground unconscious.

Falkner just stood there, shocked as his Pidgeotto returned to its pokeball.

“I won.” Caleb said. He started to smirk and giggle, “I mean, I won. I won. I won!” Junior and Penny rushed toward their father who kneeled on the ground and embraced them both. “Don’t forget Bobby,” Caleb said, and the three of them leaned in and gave the Pokemon a hug too. Bobby gave a low growl, like a purr as he leaned into the embrace.

Jessie walked over. She was shocked. The guy wasn’t a great Pokemon trainer, but he had heart, she thought to himself. “You did good,” she said and put her hand out for a shake.

Caleb smiled as he grabbed her hand and shook it. “Thanks,” he said, “I guess our battle and the training we had helped.”

“You only have one Pokemon,” Falkner said flabbergasted, “One Pokemon. That’s all you have. You’ve never done this before. One Pokemon.”

Caleb walked over and put one hand on his shoulder, the other reaching out to shake. “Thank you for a great battle.”

Falkner took his hand and shook it. “Hold on.” Falkner then went into a corner of the room and opened a small cabinet. Inside, was an array of Zephyr Badges. Falkner pulled one out and walked over to Caleb, handing him the badge. “Here, this is your Zephyr Badge, so named for the ancient Greek god Zephyrus who was believed to command the western winds. With this badge, Pokemon that have up to 20 levels worth of power will obey your every command. You will also be able to teach and use the Hidden Machine known as Flash outside of battle with this badge. Also, take this as well.” Falkner hands what appears to be a compact disc. “This is a Technical Machine. You can use it to teach specific moves to a Pokemon. The move held within this Technical Machine is called Roost which can be used with flying type Pokemon.”

Caleb nodded and thanked Falkner again.

As Caleb and his family came together to walk out, Falkner yelled as they left, “You really need more Pokemon. You won’t be able to make it far with only one.”

“He’s right you know,” a familiar voice came from behind Caleb. Caleb turned around and saw Professor Elm. “You really should get a few more Pokemon before tackling the next gym.” Elm smiled at his old friend.

He walked over and gave Caleb a hug. “It’s been too long.”

“It really has.”

“Let’s get out of here, we can talk.”

As the group left the gym, Falkner just stood with Abe in his battle room still dumbfounded. “I’m better than him, how did he beat me?” He had been beaten by various people in the past. This one, however, stung the most. He was so confident. He was so convinced he would win. How did I fail, he thought to himself. Falkner continued to ponder how he could make himself into a better trainer…

This is the fifth part of Pokemon Golden Dreams. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. If you did, check out the overall story index to read the other parts of the story! Feel free to leave your comments below.

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