ono Good Bowl (Double) – Review

ono, a sister brand to ezpz, has released a set of silicone pet bowls. Much like its sister products, the ono pet bowls are silicone mats which suction to the floor. As a family with multiple cats who have created…pretty big messes with their bowls, the idea of a suctioned mat to help prevent the cats from wiggling the bowls around intrigued me. Now that I have a Good Bowl (Double style), let’s talk about this innovative product.

The Double-style Good Bowl comes in three pieces, a solid silicone mat/connected pair of 16 ounce bowls and two separate 16 ounce stainless steel bowls. The individual bowls fit in snugly into the silicone base. Thankfully, as this prevents the cats from knocking the bowls out entirely. Our cats were good at that with the various other bowls we’ve used for them in the past. What the individual bowls also do, is make it easier for my children to help feed the cats. The individual metal bowls are fairly rugged, so if my kids drop them – they bounce back. They’re also small enough for the kids to be able to pull them out and refill them with food and water for the cats. The silicone also cleans very well, especially when toddlers decide to mix cat food and water creating a disgusting mushy mess that I need to clean.

How does it suction? Pretty good. So far, the cats have been unable to shift/move the complete mat. While I can move it by grabbing the corner of the mat and peeling it up. By preventing the bowl from moving, this has helped minimize the mess we used to get with the cats. I mean, our cats shove their entire faces inside of the bowls, so there’s still some mess, but much of it is caught on the mat itself, minimizing the spread of the food mess.

The bowls come in a few different varieties, including individual bowl/mat sets and both 16 and 32 ounce varieties, so there are options for most pet owners. Overall, I’m pleased with the product. It’s working well and the kids love being able to help feed the cats. I’d definitely recommend this product for other pet owners.


NOTE: I received this product for free by ono and I am officially a partner with their sister brand, ezpz. However, I strive remain impartial in my review of this product.

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