Mountain Dew White Label – Review

Mountain Dew White Label is another new Mountain Dew product that comes in a 16 ounce can. This Dew is marketed as “Dew with crafted tropical citrus” and called a “mysteriously exotic dew” at the top of the can.

Packaging: The drink comes in a solid white 16 ounce can similar in size to their original Kickstart cans and similar in design to the Mountain Dew Black Label (see my review here). The design is eye popping, when you get close. At a distance, it’s hard to see much of the very lightly colored design except for the green “Mtn Dew”text. Like Black Label, this design is sleek and fancy, so as a different marketing technique – I’d say it works all right.

Flavor/Composition: Here’s the important part – taste! It has very little taste. No, really. It has a slight pineapple aftertaste, but otherwise is not so much “mysteriously exotic” as it mysteriously bland. It does, however, feel a lot more carbonated than the average Mountain Dew variant I drink, which to me makes it a bigger disappointment. The ingredient list is interesting as there is no high fructose corn syrup, both regular sugar and sucralose, and a surprising amount of grape juice for something with no grape flavor. Caffeine content-wise, it’s the equivalent to the a cup of coffee coming in around 80 milligrams per can. Long story short? It tastes like an extra-caffeinated combination of a small quantity of pineapple juice and soda water. And honestly, it’s mostly clear appearance matches its flavorlessness.

Conclusion: It’s more expensive than your standard Dew, barely has any flavor, and is…just not great. Do you like being disappointed? Then go for it and pick yourself up a can of this and a sixer of Mountain Dew Code Red. And while you’re at it, go play a bunch of Rabbids video games and kick yourself in the shins. Don’t like being disappointed? Stick to your regular Mountain Dew variant.

Have you tried Mountain Dew White Label? Interested? Not interested? Discuss it all in the comments below.

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