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Recently, I went to McDonald’s with the family and had a Grand Mac. For those who don’t know, McDonald’s recently rolled out two new Big Mac variants – a single patty Mac Junior and a two patty Grand Mac which includes larger patties. While there, I decided to try the Grand Mac and let me tell you…it was a burger.

The Grand Mac is a two patty sandwich similar to the standard Big Mac. Two all beef patties. Special Sauce. Lettuce. Cheese. Pickles. Onions. All on a Sesame Seed Bun. The different? The Grand Mac includes larger patties. How much larger? The total pre-cooking weight is about a 1/3 pound of meat. Pre-cooked weight of the Big Mac patties? 1/5 pound total weight. When I heard about the Grand Mac, honestly, I was expecting something different. What was I hoping for? I was hoping for a Monster Mac from the 90s. That was a 4 patty Big Mac, same size patties as a normal Big Mac just…4 of them instead of 2. But, I digress.

How did it look? It looked like a larger Big Mac. Everything about it was bigger – the bun, the patties, the amount of toppings. The packaging is now a new Mac set of packaging that looks consistent across the entire Mac series of burgers. I like the look of it overall.

But, that’s not super important. The importance is how does it taste! Well, it tastes like a double quarter pounder with cheese with Mac sauce. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. The meat patties being thicker than their standard Big Mac counterpart do taste better. I prefer this to a standard Big Mac, but not necessarily enough to warrant the cost difference.

I did enjoy the burger on the whole and if you are looking for a larger Big Mac, it’s worth a taste. If you are not, you can stick with the regular Big Mac.


OR – remember this, 30¢ will add Mac Sauce to any sandwich….including a McDouble. For your McPick Two you can get two McDoubles with Mac Sauce for 60¢ and have 2 fake Macs with minimal toppings.


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