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Crane Game Girls Galaxy (Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Gale: Crane Game Girls 2) is a mixed bag. I wrote my initial review as part of the Beneath the Tangles reviews here. But, I always have more to say.

Season 2 started out as a disappointment for me and I considered dropping it. The reason? Let’s go back to part of my summary from my Beneath the Tangles post:

The Crane Game Girls are now the most successful idol act in the world after saving the planet via their skills at crane games in Season 1. Enter Dark Cherry, an “evil” idol group hoping to invade the Earth using their idol powers on behalf of Dark Gorilla. Yes, that is the plot. Dark Cherry are a trio which includes a bubbly goofball, a sullen quiet girl, and a pair of boobs. 


While there were funny moments and great introduction to our new characters, most of the early episodes served as a strange idol series with lots of boob jokes directed at the new character and member of Dark Cherry, Lumie. The attempts at shifting the series fell flat for me and I think other viewers as well, as around episode 4 everything started to shift back to the ridiculous.

The episodes went from boob jokes into some of the same silliness I came to expect from Crane Game Girls. It also began to see them fleshing out the Dark Cherry characters, as well as beginning to poke fun at all the massive shift from show about girls playing crane games to protect the planet from incoming asteroids to an idol series…where the idols battle in space to protect the planet from invasion from a Dark Gorilla planet. If you think too hard, it all collapses – so stop all that thinking.

The idol battles, the interactions between Dark Cherry / Crane Game Girls, was very entertaining. It’s self referential humor and willingness to double/triple down on the nonsense really endeared it to me. While I did not like it as much as Season 1, I still enjoyed Crane Game Girls Galaxy.

Why Crane Game Girls Galaxy still worked for me, despite all its flaws, was that it never tried to take itself too seriously. It knew what it was – an extended joke, and it rolled with it. My biggest complaint? Every single episode ended with about 3 minute short with the Gorillas advertising for online crane games. Not playing digital crane games, but playing actual crane games from your computer or smart-phone, then picking up your winnings at the arcade later. Sounds neat and all, but I didn’t need an advertisement at the end of every single episode. Then again, it’s the only crane game plug we really got in Season 2. So, I guess there’s that.

In the end, I loved the first season and the second season grew on me. By the end, I rather liked it. The climax was a lot of fun.

And it set itself up perfectly for another silly season. I, for one, hope we get one…just with fewer commercials at the end of each episode.

Did you watch Crane Game Girls Galaxy? If so, let me know your thoughts.

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