Pokemon Generations Episode 12 – Review

Episode 12 continues in the Sinnoh region (Diamond/Pearl) with Team Galactic awakening Heatran within Stark Mountain. The goal? Global destruction. Once more, despite the disappearance of Cyrus, Team Galactic is still bent not on world domination, but world destruction. The madness of the cult of Cyrus has not ended despite his disappearance.


Replacing the disappearing Cyrus is Charon. Charon was a commander in Team Galactic and rises as a new leader trying to continue with the remnants of Galactic to destroy the world. It is at this point that our heroes of the shorts enter the scene – Looker and Buck, both of whom you initially meet in Pokemon Platinum. The plot is short, as it is with every episode, but action packed. I love seeing the more realistic take on Pokemon in their element.

One of the things I’ve also noticed on each of the episodes that varies very differently from the standard Pokemon anime is how frequently the characters actually use Pokemon…to attack humans. Humans are genuinely threatened by Pokemon in Generations. They are intimidating, powerful beasts that it is surprising to see how some humans can control them. It’s fascinating because apart from the occasional ridiculous situation with Team Rocket (blasting off again), pokemon in the main anime are rarely going after humans or directed to go after humans. Not so in Generations.

It makes sense. In a world where Pokemon are animals and used for defense, personal security, and in a very active sports community, it makes sense that you’d see people treating Pokemon differently. It makes sense that groups would use Pokemon differently. It’s like attack dogs, service animals, space monkeys, etc.


One of the real highlights is seeing Croagunk in action. A poison/fighting Pokemon I don’t think of often, Croagunk is a scrappy Pokemon and it’s cool to see it in action.

The animation is once again smooth and well done, as is expected. The voice acting is on point and seems to match up the characteristics of each character. It has been each episode. But with each episode being self-contained stories, each episode is taken separately.

I will continue to recommend the series to anyone who enjoys Pokemon anime, games, or anything. They’re fun side tales within the Pokemon universe, fleshing out the game universe further. Honestly, I hope there continues to be positive responses to these and we get a proper, full length Pokemon Generations or Origins series.

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