Pokemon Generations Episode 11 – Review

Episode 11 brings us to Sinnoh region (Diamond/Pearl) and follows Cyrus of Team Galactic. Team Galactic may be one of the more insane teams we’ve met so far in our Pokemon journey. Galactic wants to destroy the world. Not only the world, but the entire universe in the process. They want to create a new world, a new existence comprised of complete and utter nothingness.

Like all the Teams we have met before in the Pokemon universe, Galactic is a cult of personality to a certain degree where it’s members are manipulated into worship of their charismatic leader Cyrus. Cyrus’ goals are selfish, albeit different than Magma, Rocket, or Aqua. Nothingness is what he desires. A world where all are nothing. They summon the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. They try to harness the power of these legendary Pokemon to usher in a new future. That’s when Giratina shows up and stops him, pulling him into a peaceful dimension of nothingness, called the Reverse World. Giratina rules this world and allows Cyrus to enter. At this point, Cyrus choses not to return feeling he has reached the enlightenment he needs, reached the peace he was looking for.

Once more we have a cult of personality, but it’s not only about the leader. Cyrus here has a fully formed set of beliefs whereas he will bring about armageddon and create a better world post-apocalypse filled with peace and tranquility. It’s also a doomsday cult. It’s a different and interesting twist from what we’ve seen previously.

As usual, the animation is brilliantly done. The Pokemon are well drawn and continue to react like animals would react in the situations they’re presented in. It’s been also great to see the new and different world setting of Sinnoh. Seeing the new Pokemon. I really am enjoying them going to each region telling side stories from each area.

In the end, the episode was well done and continue to impress me with these interesting side stories.

SIDE NOTE: I did see Episodes 9 and 10 as well, but figured it was a bit delayed to do reviews on them. Saw them almost a week after they aired, so I’ll continue on from here.

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