Pokemon Generations Episode 8 – Review

In Episode 8 we continue in the Hoenn region (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) following Team Aqua and Archie’s attempt to raise Primal Kyogre. While last week’s episode included the madness of Team Magma with a vision of what could go wrong, in Episode 8 Team Aqua is ready to achieve their goal and realize that they made a grave mistake. We see Primal Kyogre awaken by Archie even after Shelly warns him of the potential for destruction.

Archie doesn’t care. He is consumed by his insane plan to allow Kyogre to destroy the world thinking he can control this force of nature. The problem? He can’t. Archie has absolutely no way to control Primal Kyogre and the moment he runs free, Archie is left stunned as the world he wanted to create crumbles all around him.

Unlike Courtney from Team Magma who gave into the maddening leader worshiping of Maxie allowing him do what she knew would be awful, I find it interesting that Shelly tried to prevent the chaos from happening. It shows a depth of character we did not see in Courtney in such a short episode. We don’t see the final outcome, leaving it to our imagination to run wild.

As with all the episodes, the characters are done very well and the animation is great. Seeing the Pokemon on the screen, seeing them act out as uncontrollable animals is great to watch.

Archie’s unwillingness to listen to reason reminds me of numerous instances in the Bible where God warns the people about what their doing, all their mistakes…and they go ahead doing it anyway. We’re like that to. We get warnings that we’re making mistakes, that we shouldn’t do something – but we do it anyway. What happens? Well, the world may not literally come to an end but it harms us when we jump into mistakes ignoring the obvious warnings around us. Archie did just that thinking he knew better than others, thinking he could control the uncontrollable. He was wrong and so are we.

I am really enjoying Pokemon Generations and I hope you are too!

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