Fall 2016 Anime I’m Interested In

Each anime season, fans around the world get hyped. What they get hyped for differs from person to person. What about me? Well, I’m weird, so what I’m interested in is going to be different than other people. Here’s my anime I look forward to hopefully seeing this fall season (October-December).

Chi’s Sweet Home (New CGI Series)

An anime series about a little boy and his cute kitty? That’s what we have here in this short form series. It’s been done before and my kids really enjoyed watching this. I plan to watch this one with my kids and hopefully they’ll continue to enjoy the silly antics of Chi the kitty and his family.

Crane Game Girls Season 2

Crane Game Girls is a bunch of nonsense. But, this short form series was a lot of fun watching the girls think they were becoming pop idols, but in fact saving the world with their crane game skills. Yea, I said it was nonsense, but fun nonsense. I look forward to seeing more silliness and antics in the upcoming new season.

Haikyuu Season 3

I enjoyed the first two seasons of the high school volleyball series Haikyuu (see my Season 1 review here). The show about camaraderie in the face of difficulty, of doing your best, and of playing volleyball comes back for a new season. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team does against one of the strongest teams in the nation.

Pokemon Generations

A short-form anime series (3-5 minutes per episode) with side stories from the original Pokemon games. It promises to be from a different perspective than what you’re used to, so we could be seeing some from the perspective of Blue or other side tale trainers (rise of Team Rocket? Who knows). The trailer (shown above) looks promising, so I’m looking forward to what they’ll do next. It’s set in the game universe, not the standard anime universe from my understanding – which is where Pokemon Origins lives too (a fun series retelling the story of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green).


How about you? What anime from this upcoming season are you planning to watch? My list is an odd assortment of short form series and one continuation of a series I really enjoy. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Haven’t really gotten to comb over the upcoming season’s shows, but the big non-sequel show on my list is Sangatsu no Lion, a.k.a. March comes in like a lion. It’s a slice-of-life about a high school professional shogi player who has been adopted by another family and tries to deal with the various issues in his life. The manga is very critically acclaimed and while I know many are befuddled over how Studio SHAFT is working on it, in my experience SHAFT has absolutely nailed slice-of-life shows, so I’m really looking forward to what they do here.

    Other non-sequel shows on my radar are Magic of Stella (cute girls making video games, like New Game but with high schoolers making fan-made games) and Watashi ga Motete Dosunda, a.k.a. Kiss Him, Not Me, about a fujoshi who suddenly becomes really attractive and gets asked out by four of the guys that she’s been shipping with each other (yeah, it’s going to be pretty silly). There’s a bunch more that interest me but I’m overall less sure of how much I’ll like them.

    As for sequels, the big one is Sound! Euphonium Season 2, considering that the first season was my favorite anime of last year and among my favorite anime of all time. Again, looking forward to going back to my band geek days. There’s also Show by Rock! S2 and that http://WWW.WORKING spinoff, and Haikyuu, which I need to catch up on.

    • Interesting. You’ve got such a different, varied group of anime you’re interested in seeing. Also a lot more choices than I have. I may pick up another series, but my time limitations makes that more of a challenge.

  2. 3-Gatsu No Lion looks like a non-musical iteration of Your Lie In April that is sure to be the tear jerker of this next anime season! As quoted as a conclusion on Myanimelist, “This is the story of Rei’s triumphs and failures, relationships new and old, and his growth as a person.” I can’t really explain it, it may be a gut feeling, but I believe that this upcoming anime will be a show that, after watching it, I will have to pause and think for a while.

    Flip Flappers has such an interesting concept and a feel that reminds me heavily of Madoka Magica, which I am all for trying out! Luger Code 1951 has grabbed me somewhat with the awards that it has won and the process in which it was adapted into an anime, and it seems like something I might take a look at.

    • I can deal with a tear jerker from time to time! Haven’t heard of Flip Flappers. Hmm.

      But for real, everyone should try out Pokemon Generations 🙂 Seriously.

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