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Skin Wars is a body painting competition on Game Show Network. It is…compelling to say the least. At it’s base, Skin Wars is just like any other competitive series. A group of talented artists come together through various trials week after week. Each week they put their hearts and art on display showing what they can accomplish. The judges critique and each week one goes home until there is an eventual winner. What makes Skin Wars so different is that each episode they are painting images on the nude form.

What? A competition about painting naked people? Yes, and it’s fantastic.

The artwork these talented artists are able to create on human skin is amazing. You do not think about the curvature of the body and how different it is than a flat canvas. As one of the artists on the show said, “You paint a picture and it literally comes to life.” Seeing the way these different artists can transform a person or part of their body into something else entirely is fascinating to watch and incredible.

The above image is from the Skin Wars Twitter account where one of the finalists of Season 3 had hidden a person by painting them into the background. Their nearly flawless to hide a person among a toy store background is incredible. You can barely see the person painted into the background.

And that is the type of thing that is so fascinating. The way these artists can transform the human form into something new or to make it disappear through painting. What I found awesome while watching the series was that there was no attempt to sexualize the nude models. Yes, they were naked (wearing pasties/panties only), but it wasn’t sexualized, there was no crude comments about their nude forms. Every artist, ever judge, every model was focused on the art and it made you, the viewer, do the same. My wife and I watched the third season (and second On Demand) together and loved it. We were compelled to watch more and fascinated by what they could do.

I would absolutely recommend watching the show and I do hope a fourth season of the series is developed by GSN.

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