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Michael from Geeks Under Grace decided to put out his own ideas on some crazy Bible stories being turned into modern movies. Not bad, but I have a few different ideas. Here are my 4 Bible stories turned into modern/futuristic films.

Film Title: Hardcore Shamgar

Biblical Context: Judges 3:31, yes just one verse. That’s how hardcore Shamgar is.

Why This Would be Amazing: Read the verse. Read it again. Shamgar slaughters 600 Philistines who were invading Israel on his own with an Oxgoad. What is an oxgoad? A cattle prod.

The Story/Film Idea: Imagine Hardcore Henry, a first person action film. Shamgar is a farmer on the border of a more technologically advanced civilization living in a low tech village. He hears footsteps in the distance and when he looks up, he sees an army of soldiers charging toward his town. No one else has seen it yet. He is the first line of defense and all he has is the cattle prod in his hand he’s been using to keep the cows in line. He doesn’t care. Alone, Shamgar charges at the soldiers. He takes them all down, one by one. When all is said and done the people of his village walk in and see Shamgar surrounded by deceased enemy soldiers, 600 of them. They cheer. End credits.

Biblical Message: God can use one man to make huge changes. Yes, even to save an entire culture.

Film Title: The Future Queen

Biblical Context: Esther

Why This Would Be Amazing: Esther is a great story about a woman saving her people through determination and faith in her God.

The Story/Film Idea: In a dystopian future marred by social division, people are divided into castes based on their DNA. Esther is a woman with forged DNA making her appear as though she is from an upper caste. She is pulled into the President’s inner circle as a potential bride as she watches her people slowly suffer. When the President’s second in command convinces the President to place an order to wipe out all those who share her original DNA, Esther has to make a choice. Take a stand and convince the President to do the right thing, or hide out with her forged DNA in her new status as the President’s bride.

Biblical Message: When you trust in the Lord, you can do anything. He will give you the strength to survive.

Film Title: The Child King

Biblical Context: 2 Kings 22-23

Why This Would Be Amazing: Josiah becomes king at 8 years old. At 8 he ascends to the throne and completely changes the Kingdom for God.

The Story/Film Idea: In a small, isolated Kingdom, the old King passes suddenly. His 8 year old son was officially the next in line. With many wanting to get his ear, the child turns to the only one who has always been there – God. After praying and reading all the old texts he can about faith, he comes out publicly as the King and changes everything.

Biblical Message: Age matters not to God, He can and will use you at any age for His purposes.

Film Title: The Walk

Biblical Context: Genesis 5:25-27

Why This Would Be Amazing: It may seem like an odd idea, but it’ll be a movie about walking. You’ll see below. But imagine a man who just…walks with God.

The Story/Film Idea: In a post-apocalyptic world, few still retain the faiths of their fathers. Enoch is one such man. We see snippets of his life where he walks in his garden, praying, explaining to God about what is going on in his life and we see flashes of what is happening in the world around him. We see people failing. We see people falling. We see Enoch continuing to walk boldly. Then, we see Enoch walk one day and suddenly disappear. The remainder of the movie finds confused family members remembering how much of a positive influence Enoch had on their lives.

Biblical Message: Walk with God, talk to God, even when the world does not. And, it won’t. All the time.

How about you? What Bible stories do you think would make cool movies?

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