Crystal Pepsi – Review

Crystal Pepsi is back! It’s back! Just like Terminators, Clintons, and Surge, we all knew Crystal Pepsi would come back. So, it’s back, but is there much rejoicing to be had? As a gimmicky beverage guy, I decided to get myself a Crystal Pepsi and see if it was as good as my nostalgia made me feel it would.

Let’s just talk about the packaging for a second – this is a blast from the past package. The old font-type, the streaked Pepsi logo. It feels like 1992 all over again, you know without me being an awkward 9 year old.

The bottle is your standard, clear bottle to remind you that yes, it is clear cola. In terms of caffeine and sugar content, it’s the same as a regular Pepsi. Ingredients are similar with some more preservatives in Crystal Pepsi and the caramel color dye in standard Pepsi. So, what happens when you open it up? Well, when you finally take a swig you realize that after all the games and hype what you are drinking really is… just regular cola. Does it taste substantially different than regular Pepsi? No. Does it have a slight aftertaste? Yea, a slight sweet aftertaste, but not much. It’s basically dye free cola. There’s really not much else going on here. It isn’t a brand new magical elixir. It’s just cola, without any coloration to it.

Does that make it bad? No. Does it make it earth shattering? No. So, here’s the question you need to ask yourself before you get a Crystal Pepsi – do you like regular Pepsi? If so, go for it. If not, then I’d hold off on it because it’s basically the same thing only clear.

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