Re-Play No-Spill Cup – Review

My wife recently attended MommyCon in DC. One of her purchases was a set of two no-spill cups from Re-Play. As the guy who is constantly living in fear of finding dirty sippy cups as he cleans them all, I decided to review these new products.

Re-Play is a business which specializes in recycled plastic items. Began as Re-Think in 1987, Re-Play specifically focuses on children’s table products. Their no-spill cup being among the products sold and what I will be discussing. The Re-Play No-Spill Cup is made from recycled milk jugs. As we have twin 2 years old girls, a pair of these cups were purchased. So far – I’m happy with this purchase.

20160731_182227The cup comes in basic colors with no designs on them. The colors are vibrant and look good. Honestly, I’ve found sippy cups with pictures on them to become a pain over time. Either they fade or they are designed in such a way that there’s a gap between the inner and outer cup where water gets inside. This spot, once cracked, rapidly becomes moldy. But, I digress.

The cups are a sturdy BPA-free plastic and are pretty sturdy even after being chucked across a room by an cranky, tired 2 year old who wants Daddy to refill the cup faster. They use an internal gasket to ensure the cup doesn’t spill. Unlike other ones I’ve seen before, this one is significantly larger and provides a much stronger seal on the cup lid. Even when recently purchased, other brand sippy cups (example) have an insert that can get dislodged by general play from a child. Not the Re-Play cup, whose insert seems to remain in place regardless. This does a great of preventing leaks even when the cup is shaken by my aggressive twin two year old girls.

The cup is dishwasher safe and I found very easy to clean. The insert takes some pulling to dislodge, but upon doing so the smooth plastic surfaces wipe clean easily and run through the dishwasher well. They also go back together relatively easily. It is very clear which way the insert is supposed to be re-aligned when inserted20160731_182234 into the lid.

I have two minor issues with the cups. The first, while sturdy, the spout/lid material is relatively soft. Little ones with their chompers will leave a mark on the cup relatively quickly. Has it diminished the ability of my girls to drink from the cups? Not in the slightest. Are the bite marks a bit annoying? A little, but in the end the functionality doesn’t change. The only other complaint is that the cup is easy to cross-thread if you are not careful when putting on the lid. As a Dad who makes his children chocolate milk shaken, not stirred, I found my arms covered in milk after misaligning the lid. Thankfully, the recycled material the cup is made from does not deform from minor cross-threading (at least not for me) and was easily able to be opened, re-adjusted, and the drink returned to normal.

Overall, I’m happy with our purchase and would recommend them to other Dad’s and Mom’s looking for a new, cute no-spill/sippy cup. You can purchase them from their website and from various retailers, including Walmart.

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