PGD: Violet City Theft

This is the third part of my new Pokemon story. I hope you enjoy it. If this is your first time, check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see the beginning of the story about Caleb and his family. Thanks for reading!


Caleb was exhausted as he exited the Pokemon Center. Traveling on foot was tiring, especially with the battles from trainers and wild Pokemon, he thought to himself.

Bobby and the kids were right behind him. He wasn’t looking where he was going when a crimson haired woman slammed into him. “I’m sorry, Ma’am,” Caleb said and reached out his hand, “Let me help you up.”

She shook the dust off her legs, swatted back his hand, and gave Caleb a cold look. The woman stood up on her own. She was a shapely woman wearing a long white skirt, black boots, and a black tank top. She had intense purplish-blue eyes with a devious smirk and three Pokeballs on her belt. She shook her head at Caleb, turned, and bolted down Route 31.

Caleb watched confused as he placed his hands on his hips. That’s when he noticed his wallet was missing. “Hey!” he yelled. The woman kept running. Caleb started after her with Bobby close behind.

“Dad, where are you going?”Junior yelled at his father.

“Someone took my wallet,” Caleb yelled back, “Stay at the Pokemon Center and ask if any Officer Jenny’s in the area.” He knew an officer wasn’t going to be much help. Petty crime was so uncommon in Johto, Officers focused their attention on gang or team activity. However, with Team Rocket out of the picture most of Johto had been crime free for years.

Caleb was older, but quick. He kept himself in good shape, jogging daily with Bobby and Junior. He caught the woman quickly and grabbed her shirt from behind. He inadvertently pulled her to the ground.

“Give me back my wallet,” Caleb said breathing heavily with his hand out.


“Excuse me?”

“No, you’ll have to battle me for it,” she said with a smirk. Caleb had no idea what was going on. He was just robbed and now the robber wanted to battle him to get back his own wallet.

“Look, I’m tired. I’ve had a long day of travel. Just give me my wallet.”

“No, we’ll battle,” The woman threw a pokeball out and a Meowth emerged. “Meowth, scratch that Growlithe.” Her Meowth purred and squinted it’s eyes, glaring at Bobby. It lunged forth, claws bared, scratching Bobby across the face.

“Bobby, use bite!” Bobby’s jaws opened wide as he bit down near the Meowth. The Meowth dodged the bite.

“Meowth use growl.” The Meowth then snarled at Bobby as the audio waves ringed loudly in Bobby’s ears.

“Ember, Bobby, EMBER!” Caleb yelled. Bobby opened his mouth and flames flew forth striking the Meowth. As the flames disappeared, the Meowth remained standing continuing to snarl at Bobby.

“Meowth, use scratch again.” The Meowth scratched Bobby once more in the arm, knocking Bobby back.

“Bite, Bobby!” Bobby leapt toward the Meowth after the scratch with his mouth wide. He clamped down on the Meowth’s leg, gripping it tight. The Meowth cried out in pain as the female trainer used a potion on her Meowth.

“Bite again, Bobby.” Bobby bit down hard, this time on the Meowth’s abdomen. He drew blood. Bobby flung the Meowth out of his mouth and it fell to the ground, unconscious. The Meowth had fainted from the critical hit. It quickly returned back to the Pokeball at the woman’s waist.

“Uhm, uhm,” the woman began to stutter. She looked scared. She had not expected to lose.

“Do you have any more Pokemon?” Caleb asked.


“Then give me back my wallet.”

The woman then did something Caleb did not expect. She fell to her knees, looked up at him, and begged, “Please, please don’t tell Officer Jenny.” Caleb looked down at the woman and saw her weeping. “Please, just take your wallet and leave me be. Please.”

Caleb reached out a hand again and this time helped the woman up. “Look, Miss, I just wanted my wallet back. I have no reason to tell anyone if I get my wallet back.” He did not really know how else to respond. He hated to see a woman cry. Even though she had robbed him, Caleb could tell something was wrong. What could this woman have done in her past to give her such fear of the law, he wondered.

“Here’s your wallet,” she says as she handed it back to Caleb. “I…pretend you didn’t see all this.”

“See what?” Caleb said. That’s when he heard sirens. Junior, Caleb thought. He did exactly what I asked him to do. Figures.

Officer Jenny was on her way from Violet City and closing in on them. “Please,” she begged, “I can’t go back to jail. I just got out on good behavior. I really have changed, I was just so broke and hungry I fell into old habits. I’m a former Rocket who just got out of prison. That’s not the person folks are clamoring to hire. Please, please don’t turn me in.”

“What’s your name?” Caleb asked.

“Jessie, why?” She was confused by his question.

Officer Jenny with the kids arrived at the scene. She came out of her cruiser and asked, “Is there a problem here?” She looked over at Jessie, “You, what did you do to our visitor?”

“Not a…not a thing,” Jessie stumbled with her words.

“Nothing, Officer,” Caleb said. He looked over at Jessie and gave her a soft smile. He turned back to Officer Jenny, “Jessie and I had a practice battle outside of town. She said she was battling to earn cash, so I obliged her. Sadly for her sake, I won so no cash for her. Nothing really to report to you, Officer.”

Officer Jenny gave a confused look, but then shrugged it off. “Whatever, as long as you say you have no issue with her, I’ll let this go. I was told of a potential robbery by your son.”

Caleb kept up his straight face, “Ahh, Junior must have misheard me as I left,” he looked back at Junior and gave him a stare. Junior knew that stare, it was his Dad’s “Drop it” stare.

Officer Jenny turned back to Junior, “Is that right?”

“Must have been, I must have misheard him. Dad can be a mumbler sometimes,” Junior said.

Officer Jenny just sighed, “Well, good enough for me. You all take care.” She waved as she went back into her cruiser and drove back into town.

Caleb and his family watch Officer Jenny drive off, then they all at once turn to Jessie. Caleb smiled and said, “Is everyone hungry? Let’s go back into town. I think we can all use a nice meal before I challenge the Gym Leader here in Violet City.”

Caleb then begins to walk with Bobby and his kids back into town. Jessie just stands there, her devious smirk from when their first encounter replaced with a dumbfounded look. I just tried to rob him and now he’s going to buy me food? She thought to herself. She stood frozen in place for a while until Caleb turned and hollered, “You coming?”

“Yea, yea, I’ll be there.”

They walked back in silence to Violet City and stopped at a small restaurant next to the Pokemon Academy. Before they entered, Jessie grabbed Caleb by the shirt. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Caleb smiled, “You’re welcome.”

The group continued together as they walked into the restaurant.

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