DEWcision 2016: Pitch Black vs Baja Blast – Reviews

So, I finally got cans of both Baja Blast and Pitch Black to do a formal review of the two competitors for permanent shelf status courtesy of Mountain Dew. Time to make a DEWcision in 2016. Which will it be? I’ll tell you my vote, but first – let’s talk about the two competitors.

20160620_120747Pitch Black – Pitch Black was initially rolled out for Halloween 2004 as a grape infused Mountain Dew variant. Honestly, I had forgotten about it and thought it was actually tied into the movie of the same name, I was wrong. I did not try it then, but now that it is one of the two we get to vote on for “Dewcision 2016” I finally get a chance to try it. It is a purple drink (see image to the left), much like your standard grape soda. It’s not highly carbonated, much like most Mountain Dew varieties, and the caffeine content is a little more than the standard Mountain Dew content of 54 milligrams per liter (mg/L) standing firm at 58 mg/L. In terms of taste? It has a more toned back grape flavor when compared to your standard grape soda, or even than Mountain Dew Black Label (see my review here). It had a more realistic grape flavor than your standard artificial grape in sodas and candies, which was pretty good overall. It also had the standard Mountain Dew post-drink residual flavor in your mouth, which I don’t mind. The packaging feels like Halloween packaging and is a lot of fun. 20160620_121901

Baja Blast – Baja Blast was first rolled out also in 2004 as a Taco Bell exclusive variant of Mountain Dew. Due to it’s vast fan base, PepsiCo has periodically rolled it out for purchase in stores. Now as part of Dewcision 2016, it’s time to decide if it remains as part of the permanent in-store pantheon of Dew products. In terms of color, it’s a sea-foam green color and has your standard bubble content of a Mountain Dew variant. It has the same caffeine content of a regular can of Mountain Dew. In terms of taste, it’s very, very artificial lime tasting. For me, the lime overpowered any hint of classic Mountain Dew flavor mixed in. I had tried the fountain version before and I do not recall it being nearly as limey as the canned version of the soda. Overall, this limited my enjoyment of the beverage as it relies heavily on the lime flavoring. The packaging is very similar to your standard Mountain Dew packaging with the color scheme to match the color of the beverage. It also has the Taco Bell logo prominently displayed to remind you very clearly of it’s origins.

Now, with the taste testing done – which do I prefer? Pitch Black. Why? I despise overtly lime-tasting items, especially those with an artificial lime flavoring. That said, I don’t love Pitch Black. It’s not one of my favorites and even if it wins this promotion, I don’t think I’ll purchase it myself. Now, I still love White Out and Livewire, but not Pitch Black.

That said, both of these variety are Mountain Dew fan favorites which had previous limited releases and re-releases due to fan love. It’s cool to see PepsiCo taking fan’s opinions into consideration like this.

So, what about you? Which would you prefer? Vote below and feel free to discuss in the comments section.

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