Three Kingdoms

This is an idea for a world setting I have been tossing around. I was thinking I could write stories in this world setting or use it as a jumping off point, potentially, for a game. As a guy who ran many a Dungeons & Dragons game years ago – these ideas keep coming to me even as a long since retired DM. Here’s the setting:

Basic Environment: Primarily along open plains with two huge castle structures with large surrounding communities, divided by approximately 60 miles. In the middle is a small community called Faedale. This is a bustling town for commerce between the two huge castles. It is comprised of humans, wood elves, dwarves, and orcs all living in relative harmony. To the west is all woodlands where most of the wood elves live in various small communities. To the east is smaller, uninhabited woodlands and eventually (20 miles later) the shore. To the north is Namwen Keep where Lord Xela Namwen rules as monarch. He and his wife Lady Lucinda Namwen rule together over their subjects. To the south is Lord Baltimore and his keep. He rules alone in equally sizable monarchy (See below for brief biographies of each character). Approximately 20 miles north of Namwen Keep is a combined Orc/Dwarven community run by Warlord Krak’tuk (Orc). He runs a sizable keep and is primarily a mining community. Their community (Droken Ward) is run by the strongest familial leader, currently Krak’tuk, and directly abuts a huge mountain range. His younger brother De’tak is second in command. Currently there is relative peace between the three primary kingdoms, although there is a sense of distrust and dislike between Namwen and Baltimore. Droken Ward is mostly ignored by their human run neighbors to the south.



  • Xela Namwen (50; male; human) – Current ruler of Namwen Keep. He has been ruling since the murder of his brother, the previous Lord Namwen, when he turned 20. He has been married to Lucinda Namwen for the same timeframe. They have 3 children: two sons (Rhet [19], Johaan [22]) and one daughter (Penelope [17]). The Namwen’s are well liked by their subjects. His kingdom is primarily comprised of humans with some dwarves and wood elves. Xela met his bride, Lucinda, when he was 19 at Faedale. The two fell in love quickly as they were trading between the two kingdoms. This led to some potential issues as Lucinda was the daughter of the then Lord Baltimore (Tycho Baltimore). Tycho Baltimore forbade his daughter from meeting with Xela Namwen, so she ran away and wed him in secret. After returning to Namwen Keep they discovered that Xela’s brother, Christian, had been poisoned. It has never been proven, but it has been assumed to be the work of Tycho Baltimore.
  • Lucinda Namwen (49; female; human) – Lucinda is a kind, loving ruler of Namwen Keep alongside her husband. The two have a very close relationship and have been very open about ruling as a team as opposed to with Xela ruling as the primary head. This has proven beneficial for the people of Namwen Keep as they have different opinions and occasionally force compromise. She is distrustful of the current Lord Baltimore, despite him being her nephew.
  • Johaan Namwen (22; male; human) – Johaan has been groomed since birth to be the next Lord Namwen. He is currently betrothed to a villager named Joanna. The two were selected to be wed at birth, but have grown very close over the past 2 years of courtship. He and his bride are building a small adjacent Keep to Namwen Keep for them to live upon marriage and where they will start their family.
  • Rhet Namwen (19; male; human) – Young, energetic son of Xela and Lucinda. He loves hunting, tracking, and being outdoors. He has trained among Wood Elves and wishes to learn more about their kind. He is an excellent warrior, tracker, and very in tune with nature. He was betrothed to a woman named Jennifer, but she died of an unknown illness. He is currently single and not looking, instead focusing on his outdoor skills.
  • Penelope Namwen (16; female; human) – Poised and proper, Penelope is a kind young woman who loves the people of Namwen Keep. She can constantly be found engrossed in a good book and trying to learn more. At a young age, she requested her parents allow her to marry for love and not for politics. They accepted the request. She is currently courting the son of the Keep’s librarian, (Donatello Smyther, 17, male, half-wood elf).


  • Garin Baltimore (18; male; human) – Current ruler of Baltimore Keep. His father died when he was 17. His mother had died during childbirth, so he was raised by his father. His father was a bitter man who hated the Namwen family, instilling in his son an inherent hatred of Xela for stealing his Aunt. Garin since rising to power has been brutal in his approach, working his people to the bone in the fields. They have been overworked and underfed. He has not cared. He has recently taken for himself two wives, (Rebeka [17; female; human] and Rachel [19; female; half-dwarf]). His people are also building two large statues outside of the community; one to his father’s honor, the other in his honor. He is also drafting all males 16 or older into building a fighting force. Those who are not working the fields are being trained in combat. It is unclear his intention. His kingdom is primarily comprised of humans, dwarves, and some wood elves (very few).
  • Aaron Calanon (25; male; wood elf [passing for human]) – Garin’s second in command and leader of his fighting force. Brutal leader and very sneaky. Doing what he thinks is best for the crown at all costs to retain power for Garin, and this role for himself. He is a wood elf, but cut his ears at a young age to allow himself to pass as human. No one knows of his actual origins as being elven.

Droken Ward

  • Krak’tuk (30; male; orc) – Current Warlord of Droken Keep. Rose to power following the death of his father. He beat two of his brothers, his one sister, and three dwarven warriors who wished to rise to the throne, killing them per the current rite of ascension at Droken Ward. His brother De’tak did not challenge for the throne, so was spared. He is brutal in his judgement, but relatively fair in terms of how it is doled out. The people live in respectful fear of Krak’tuk. Krak’tuk recently returned from an adventure through some northern caverns where he arose with a new, brightly glowing short-sword. Since then, his reign has been more brutal and a bit less fair.
  • De’tak (27; male; orc) – Younger broher of De’tak and is biding his time. He loves his brother, but hates the brutality of the Droken line of ascension. He is considering challenging his brother at some point, but is unwilling to kill him. He is honest and brave. He is also a strong warrior on the field of battle.
  • Moror (99; male; dwarf) – One of the leaders in trade. He runs the trading parties which travel to Faedale.
  • Grukona (102; female; dwarf) – Leader of the mining operations, Grukona has been managing it for 40 years. She has the grudging respect of Krak’tuk and is excellent at her job. She has coordinated trade with the people of Faedale.

Story Idea: A man enters into a tavern in Faedale with a note from Lord Baltimore to Lord Namwen. He has been stabbed a number of times and is nearing death. He asks anyone who would be willing in the tavern to help him deliver the letter to Lord Namwen and offers to pay them quite a bit, half up front. The story would follow the characters delivering the letter, the fallout from the letter, and an ensuing battle.

Let me know your thoughts and if you think this is an interesting world setting to explore further.


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