My 2016 Primary Votes

As a registered Republican, I will be voting in their primary here in Maryland. Here’s the candidates I’m voting for in each race:

President of the United StatesTed Cruz – Cruz is a mostly consistent conservative and, frankly, the best choice of the remaining candidates. I will never vote for Donald Trump for any office and Kasich is a bridge too far for me on a number of issues. So, I default to Cruz. I don’t dislike Cruz, I just am not super excited about the choice. I was honestly hoping to be able to vote for Rick Perry or Scott Walker, but it is what it is. Cruz is a solid choice, has a good chance of being able to garner the nomination, and is where I am politically on enough of the issues (especially life issues, lowering taxes, and lowering spending) that I’m in.

United States SenatorRichard Douglas – This wasn’t as clear cut for me as there were a few good candidates running. Douglas stood out for me, in the end, as he did last time around in 2012. Were he not running against Bongino, who I rather liked both personally and politically, I would have voted for him. Now I get a chance to. That said, there are few running I wouldn’t consider voting for in the general.

Representative in Congress, District 2Yuripzy Morgan – Morgan stands out among the candidates as young, energetic, and consistently conservative. It’s not that the remaining candidates are bad, it’s just that she’s better. A young female attorney with a great personal story to tell about her life makes a much more compelling candidate than any of the others. Her stances on the issues being near where I am make her also a good choice. Also, I will never vote for Pat McDonough. So, Morgan becomes my choice.

Judge of the Circuit Court, Circuit 3 – I’m not voting in this race. It has two unopposed candidates and no option for write-ins. I’ll make my final decision in the general.

Delegate to the Republican National Convention, District 2 – Steve Dishon, John Fiastro, Glen Glass – Maryland is fun in that you get to vote for three individual people who will represent you from your Congressional district as your official delegates to the Convention. These three men have all formally pledged to vote for Cruz at the convention. So, if selected, they’ll vote for him. As I support Cruz for the nomination, of course I’ll continue by supporting the slate of delegates in my district which pledge themselves to vote for him. Also, I’ve met Steve and John. I trust both of them completely to vote based on conservative principles at the convention even after the first round. They get my vote.

Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention, District 2 – Joe Fleckenstein, Patrick McGrady, David Serenda – These three men also are pledged to Cruz. The difference here is that these people are alternates in case the previous 3 cannot make it to the convention. For the record, Trump only has one person in our district running for alternative. So…didn’t really plan that out very well.

There’s my votes. Please ensure that you vote today in the primary if you are registered in a party. If you are not registered in a party…good for you, enjoy your day.

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Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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