1932 Election Rap

My sister Chloe recently had a school project where she was required to write a rap about the 1932 Presidential election between FDR and Herbert Hoover. Before I knew enough details about the assignment, I started writing my own (I did not know it was supposed to be a rap battle instead of a hip hop infused discussion of the election). Since I already started writing lyrics, here are the rap lyrics I drafted in order to describe the election.

Give me a beat.

1932’s a pivotal year
Depression still looming, people filled with fear

Hoover became the GOP nominee
Packing the convention with a group of cronies
Blocked the nod of Coolidge and Blaine
Thinking government programs’d help sustain

The Democrats nominated Franklin Roosevelt
To tighten metaphorical government belt
He beat back Al Smith at the convention
Made a deal with Garner to ensure his selection

In the general, Franky D he picked on Hoover
Called him a fat slob and a general loser
Hoover said Franky D’s tax plans were wack
He said cutting spending’d take us all off track
Hoover said his programs would help the poor
Franky D said we needed less not more
Hoover said Franky’s policies were too relaxed
While Franky D promised nothing but to lower your tax
And to end prohibition and bring back liquor
Hoover didn’t disagree, but D’d bring it’d back quicker!

Hoover suffered a major defeat
Over 16 years since G-O-P’d been beat
Franky D promised a brand New Deal
Short on details, but with vast appeal
Hoover lost Franky ended up with the win
And a brand new era was about to begin

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Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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  1. Your the most awesome bro ever! Love you!!

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