Friday Fight: Me (32) vs Me (18)

Wait, what?

That’s right. This week’s “Friday Fight” is a battle between my current self and the 18 year old version of me. Who needs fictional characters when I’m way more interesting!

In this corner – we have Matthew Newman. This 32 year old engineer and father of four is weighing in at about a buck eighty. He’s 5 foot (just under) 8 inches tall. He’s not in great shape, but he’s a scrapper. He’s not as quick as he once was, but makes up for it somehow…

In the other corner – we have Matthew Newman. This 18 year old soon to be college student can run a 5K in 18:02. He’s about 130 pounds, 5 foot 6 inches tall and rather scrawny. He’s full of relatively lean muscle and quick on his feet.

Who would win? Let’s see how I’d imagine this playing out:

“Where am I?” I start yelling. I rub my eyes and look around. I was just sitting at my desk at the office, now I’m surrounded by people cheering and chanting inside some sort of arena. I can smell iron in the air as I stand on a muddy, dirt floor. There seem to be hundreds of them all around. They’re screaming…my name!

I look in front of me and see this scrawny young man. Couldn’t be more than 18. Goofy grin waving to the crowd. That’s when I realize – I’m looking at a younger version of myself. I must be dreaming, I think to myself.

A floating, glowing being descends into the arena. “Hello Mr. Newman, Mr. Newman. I’ve brought you both here to fight. Let us see who the stronger Matt Newman truly is.”

“But why?” I ask.

“Do I need a reason?”


“Wait, what?” The younger version of me speaks, “Seriously, why is everyone cheering my name and who is this balding dude…whoa. Is he, me?”

“Yes, I am, apparently.” I respond.

“Look, we’re seeing who is stronger, so get at it and fight,” the glowing figure said. He disappeared in a flash and there we stood in the arena as the crowd continued to cheer our name.

“Well, are we going to do this?” Younger Matt said. He put up his fists. I had no idea how to fight at 18, I thought, I’m not in as good a shape as I was then, but I’m certainly stronger than my younger self. Before I could lunge at younger me I had a revelation…

Wait a second, I thought, if this is really younger me – hurting him, killing him in a fight like this – that would prevent me from getting married, having children, even reaching this age. I don’t know if this is real or fake.

I walk up to the younger me and say, “Hit me.” He does, right in the nose with his fist. As he starts shaking his fist from the pain, I clench my nose to try to minimize the bleeding. Yea, that’s me. I can’t let him die. I’ll have to let him take me.

I proceed to stand there and let him beat me. 18 year old me was a bit of a brute, but I needed him to win. I needed him to live. Without him, there is no me. Without him, my kids wouldn’t exist. I cried out to the Lord in my thoughts as his last hit struck me and I lost consciousness…

So, how about you? If I had to battle my 18 year old self, who’d win in that fight? Vote now & discuss in the comments.

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Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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