Angriest Whopper® – Review

You see a theme for this week? Since I started with anime, then a beverage, now I’ll go onto something else entirely – “The Angriest Whopper®.”

The Angriest Whopper® is a short-term gimmick sandwich from Burger King meant to be extra spicy. The bun is red supposedly because of hot sauce inside of the bun. The additional components making this different from your standard Whopper® apart from the bun include:

  • Bacon
  • Jalapeño Peppers
  • “Angry Sauce”
  • “Angry Onions”


I purchased one last week and decided to try it out. I like spicy stuff and I like gimmicky foods, so why not. The wrapper was fun and designed specifically for this burger. It had some great design flames in the logo and included Burger King’s standard list of the ingredients. When you open up this burger you then see the red right away. It is…almost cartoonish in appearance (see featured image). It doesn’t seem real when you first see it. A co-worker of mine compared it to the look of a red velvet cake, and she’s not wrong. The appearance of the bun looks more like a confection than a savory bun. The taste, however, will prove that theory wrong.

The bun does have some heat to it. Not a lot, but a subtle heat on its own. The “Angry Sauce” is similar to the previous incarnation of the Angry Whopper® – it’s spicy and similar in consistency, but different in taste to barbeque sauce. This is good, as I don’t like barbeque sauce. When taking a bite of this, the jalapeños provide much of the spice. They use pickled as opposed to raw jalapeños which isn’t a criticism, although I find raw to be a bit more spicy on the whole. Either way it still works. The bacon is good, which is saying something because I don’t always like fast food bacon (I’m looking at you, Wendy’s). The Angry Onion is an onion ring. It’s supposed to be a spicy onion ring, but I didn’t notice much heat coming from the onion ring itself. On the whole, the heat came from your sauce and peppers with a bit from the bun itself.

The burger itself is standard Burger King fare – generally slightly better in taste than McDonald’s, but not great enough that BK will end up triumphant in their enduring battle of fast food burger supremacy. On the whole, I enjoyed the angriest of Whoppers® and would eat one again, if given the opportunity. If you like spicy stuff and Burger King’s burgers, by all means – check it. If you liked the previous Angry Whopper®, then definitely check this out. It’s basically the same thing with a little more subtle heat added in the bun. If the cartoonish red bun turns you off – I get it, but that just means more for me…

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