Mountain Dew Black Label – Review

Why yes, I’m doing a beverage review. Why? As a lover of most things Mountain Dew (except Code Red, that stuff is vile), I feel it is my duty to tell other Mountain Dew fans about different gimmicky flavors and inform them of my opinion.

Mountain Dew Black Label is a new beverage in the Mountain Dew line. It is marketed as “Dew with Crafted Dark Berry.” What does this mean? Let’s discuss and review the product.

Packaging: The drink comes in a solid black 16 ounce can similar in size to their original Kickstart cans. It’s got an eye catching inverted design which definitely drew in my attention. Then again, they could slap Mountain Dew on most things and it would draw my attention (example, I want this. No really). But, the black can with silvery lettering matches what they’re going for. It’s new, it’s sleek, it’s a different kind of Mountain Dew. And, they’re right.

Flavor/Composition: What does it taste like? Can you imagine what would happen if you mixed grape soda and Mountain Dew? No? Well try – because that’s basically what this tastes like. It mostly tastes like grape soda with an aftertaste of grape mixed with the standard taste which will linger behind after most Mountain Dew varieties. The ingredient list is very similar to your standard Mountain Dew with a key difference – instead of the orange juice as a main ingredient, you have grape juice. I’m not a huge grape soda person, so drinking this was a bit of a letdown. Caffeine content-wise, it’s slightly higher than a standard 16 ounce serving of Mountain Dew, but not as high as a 16 ounce serving of Kickstart. Also, like Kickstart, it does not contain any of the ingredients like guarana or taurine commonly found in energy drinks. Basically, it’s slightly extra-caffeinated grape Dew.

Conclusion: It’s a little more expensive than your standard Dew, where I’ve seen it, it has been priced equivalent to a standard energy drink. For that price and my meh attitude toward grape soda, it’s not worth it for me. I wouldn’t try it again, but if you are a Dew fan who also likes grape soda, I say go for it.

Have you tried Mountain Dew Black Label? Interested? Not interested? Wonder why I’m posting a review of a soft drink? Discuss it all in the comments below.

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