Friday Fight: Cyborg vs Genos

I’ve done a One Punch Man battle before, but let’s look at this again with different characters. This time, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite cyborgs – Teen Titan’s own Cyborg and One Punch Man’s Genos. First, let’s check out the stats side by side.

Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, is a member of the Teen Titans or Justice League in DC Comics. After a horrific accident, most of his body has been replaced with robotic parts making him…a Cyborg. Not just any Cyborg, but the Cyborg. His cybernetic body allows him massive resistance to physical damage, superhuman strength, super speed, endurance. He can fly through the use of built in jump jets/rocket boosters. He can also assimilate various pieces of technology into his own body. In the New 52 universe, Cyborg is also able to emit an EMP from his heart disabling electronics up to 50 meters away from his body. In short, he’s very powerful.

Genos is a 19 year old follower of One Punch Man. The only “disciple” of Saitama, Genos believes he can learn a lot from Saitama. He is one of the most powerful superheroes, apart from Saitama, in the One Punch Man universe. After a crazed cyborg attacked and murdered Genos’ family, Genos survived and asked a Doctor passing through the town to make him a powerful cyborg capable of destroying the enemy who killed his family. Genos is super fast, super strong, and with heavy endurance. His body is powered by an orb in his chest, or core, which allows him also to release heat beams from his arms. Genos also has Incineration Cannons which provide even stronger attacks, but can also if used entirely weaken his body.

How would the fight play out? Here’s my thoughts.

City Z? Cyborg thinks to himself. What kind of place names their cities after letters? Weird.

He felt out of place in this alternate dimension, but he was on the hunt for a dimension hopping villain who supposedly set foot in this dimension. He had to be focused.


Genos has been tracking this cyborg which recently entered into City Z. He did not recognize the man from any of the superhero registration information. Is this the monster which killed my family? Genos thought to himself.

Genos stealthily tracked this cyborg and took a moment of quiet to stand behind him with his arm at the ready behind his head.

“Do not move,” Genos said.


“Explain yourself.”

“Not sure what you mean, you are the one with a weapon pointed at my head – why should I explain myself.”

“Who are you?”


“What are you doing in City Z?”

“Looking for Mirror Master, the Flash is so focused on other issues I volunteered to help out.”

“What’s a Flash or Mirror Master?”

Cyborg suddenly ducks and begins to gather energy to his hand, pointing it at Genos.

“Now, I answered your question calmly – who are you?”

Genos lowered his arm. “My name is Genos. I am a Class S hero in City Z. I have been tracking a cyborg who killed my family. I thought you may be him when you suddenly arrived.”

“Nope, never met you or killed your family. First time in this dimension.”


“Yea, dimension traveling – it’s a thing.”

“Uhm, okay.”

Cyborg gets a transmission from the DC universe. “Mirror Man has returned, last seen in Jump City.”

“Well, nice to meet you – Genos, but I have to go.” Then suddenly Cyborg fades away, returning back to the DC universe.

Yea, I know, I know – it’s a cop out. No actual fight, but I can’t come up with a good reason to force them to fight – so I had them talk it out. I mean, if they had more time, they’d probably end up becoming good buddies as both went through some big tragedies which led to their transformation into a cyborg.

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