More Confessions of a Geeky Dad

In November I began the long list of confessions I had to lay bear about my general geekiness as it related to being a Dad. Well, I’m back for some more.

  • I currently have two lightsabers in my office. Two. One is Luke’s original blue saber (i.e. Anakin’s original blue saber and…insert Force Awakens reference here). One is Vader’s red lightsaber. Originally they were bought for me & my son for Christmas a number of years ago. I was given the red one, my son the blue one. Father and son lightsabers. But, as I mentioned last time, he doesn’t like Star Wars anymore – so they came here to my office.
  • I have a lot of toys in my office. Most of them are on a bookshelf I have next to my desk. Here’s a picture:


  • Yes, that top shelf is all Star Wars toys. Yes, I do have a whole string of Sonic the Hedgehog figures…among other things.
  • When I use my hands to count – I count in binary. No, I’m not kidding – I roomed with a bunch of computer science majors in undergrad, so I learned how. So far I have not yet taught it to my children. Since they’re all 6 and under – that’s for the best.
  • I’m keeping tabs on what my children’s first video game they’ve played are. My oldest, Ryan, first played Super Mario Brothers Deluxe (i.e. the original Super Mario Bros) on my Gameboy Advance SP. I remember him now holding the glowing screen in his hand and walking Mario off a cliff. Him, still little at the time, yelling, “Come on, Mario” at my GBA. Gabriella, my 4 year old, first tried out Super Smash Brother Brawl. She had pretended to play a number of games before, but that was really the first one she held a controller in her hand and did something on the screen. It…wasn’t super successful. But she had fun. Until she got distracted with something else.
  • One of the first lullabies I used to sing my oldest son when he was a new born? Coheed and Cambria’s “Wake Up” with slightly modified lyrics.

  • My children will periodically play Survive! Mola mola with me on my cell phone. They also will periodically ask me about my phone kitties (Neko atsume).
  • You may have seen on the shelf above a number of Pokemon toys. When there were Pokemon themed Happy Meals at McDonalds…I got Happy Meals along with my kids so I had my own versions of the Happy Meal toys. I’m hoping eventually my son decides he doesn’t want his Happy Meal Rayquaza figure to join my Kyogre and Groudon on my shelf.
  • There is a Smurf at my desk sitting at a keyboard doing work on a laptop…sitting next to me, sitting at my laptop when I do work…
  • When my oldest and I go out driving somewhere, he requests I bring my iPod – so we can listen to video game music together. We have the Super Smash Bros Wii U soundtrack, the Kirby Dream Collection Soundtrack (his favorite), Jet Set Radio soundtrack, Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, and various Sonic the Hedgehog remix albums from OC Remix (my favorites).
  • My 4 year old girlie will periodically have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen while I’m cleaning dishes. We’ll blast Pentatonix, the Descendants soundtrack, or sometimes K-Pop if I’ve got Spotify going and jump around the room/dance while I clean the dishes. My little twins love most of all when I belt out Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s rendition of “Science Fiction Double Feature.”

Are you also a geeky Dad? Are you a geeky Mom? Join me in talking about our respective geekiness and other fun stuff we do with our kids in the comments.

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Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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  1. I think my dad has had a similar experience with his office over the years. I know I’ve been bought a number of nerdy presents over that have somehow ended up there…

    • It happens! This didn’t even get into all the perlering I’ve done (both with my kids & on my own) around the office.

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