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I don’t generally review comic books. Or much here, so this is new. I recently read the first issue of the reboot of Archie comics. Yes, that Archie – the high school aged redhead who was pursued by two different girls (Betty and Veronica) since the 1940s. I went into it merely curious. Mark Waid has written two things I loved – Kingdom Come with DC Comics and an amazing run of Fantastic Four in 2002 which focused on one of the most important elements (that is too often ignored) of that team – family. Mark Waid rebooting Archie got me intrigued. I’m glad it did. Issue one was fantastic.

First, let’s talk about the writing. Waid gets you right into his new, rebooted version of Archie and gives you a sense of where he’s going. Archie is talking to you, the reader about his recent breakup with Betty. It’s well crafted dialogue and the character interactions are well done. Archie is relatable. Betty is well done and a fully fleshed out character in just one issue. And Jughead – seems to be the most different. He still retains the quirkiness, but with a more honest, not gluttonous, and less goofy sense. He’s still wearing the weird crown hat – glad that’s still there.

Second, the artwork. What more can I say except that Fiona Staples’ artwork is excellent. Gone is the super-cartoonish version, now we get a more realistic looking art style and it’s great. It works for the more serious tone of the comic.

It’s no longer a love triangle, gag an issue story – but a more serious take on the characters. I like it and look forward to reading more. You know, six months behind everyone else. It happens.

Read more from Kotaku’s review when it first came out and check out more of the art from that first issue there too.

I don’t have much else to say except – I’m surprised; I’m surprised that it was as good as it was, I’m surprised that I liked it this much…

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