Festivus 2015

Festivus is a made up holiday on Seinfeld which begins with the airing of the grievances. Some politicians like to air their annoyances and last year I brought back an old annual piece of doing just that which I began when I wrote under the moniker Matty N. Now, let us go on to discuss those who disappointed me in 2015:

Baltimore Ravens – This has been an absolutely terrible year to be a Ravens fan. Remember when pre-season ESPN had the Ravens pegged at winning their division? Good times. Now we’re near the bottom of the entire NFL. Injury after injury, loss after loss. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Ravens lose out the rest of the season. Disappointing end to a season which began looking so promising.

CBS – Seriously? 2 Broke Girls is on it’s 5th season. Seriously? Do you people hate America? Then again, you brought me “Life in Pieces” which is a surprisingly fun show, so I suppose I can forgive you. Just this once.

Fox – Please, just give the rights to the Fantastic Four back to Marvel. For America. I love the Fantastic Four and when someone finally does a Fantastic Four movie which is focused on family at its core, it will be the FF movie we will all want to see. Thankfully, Disney already did that with the Incredibles – which has the kind of feel I know I’d want from an FF movie. Stop making bad movies with such good characters. Give Disney/Marvel back the movie rights to these characters. And please. Just. Stop.

Jeb Bush – Jeb was a pretty good governor of a swing state. But, he has been running a fairly awful campaign for President, putting in wooden performances in the debates and letting Trump get far under his skin. Only recently has he been able to boldly counter Trump in debates and, frankly, it’s too little too late. He has such a great record to stand on, but he ran such a sad little campaign. It’s disappointing. Also, at this point Bush has no realistic path to the nomination. Staying in the race is emboldening Trump and preventing donors/voters from coalescing behind an anti-Trump candidate. It’s time to give up the ghost, Jeb.

Josh Duggar – I was never on “Team Duggar.” They were merely a family who seemed to embody Christian values and had a TV show. I paid them little mind. That said, the Josh Duggar situation was disappointing. The shocking revelations of what he did to his sisters as well as his rampant infidelity (and claims of sexual assault) are surprising and just awful. I feel absolutely terrible for his wife Anna and I hope she is getting the real support she needs.

Other Promising GOP Governors – Perry, Jindal, Walker – what do they have in common? Good governors who did not run the type of campaign they needed to be President. Any of them would have made excellent Presidents, especially Perry who ran his second campaign that failed for the Presidency. I don’t blame the men, it’s a difficult primary season with so many contenders, but you have to find a way to stand out, respond to Trump, and get the attention you need. They did not. It’s disappointing.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – The Mayor of Baltimore absolutely fumbled everything associated with the protests and late riots in Baltimore City. The Governor tried not to throw you under the bus at first, but it’s hard not to when you fail as hard as you did. You failed the people you are supposed to be protecting and it’s disappointing, disheartening, but unsurprising. Baltimore City deserves better, but sadly your failure is currently paving the way for criminal Sheila Dixon to try to get her old job back. So awful.

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Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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