Friday Fight: Rin Okumura vs Raven

Last week, I talked about Saitama vs Superman – overpowered hero versus overpowered hero. This week, let’s take half-demon Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and have him face off against DC Comics’ half-demon Raven. Let’s talk about the combatants.

Rin Okumura is one of the co-leads of the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist. He is an Exwire of the Knights of the True Cross, i.e. exorcist trainee. His biological father is Satan and his biological mother is a human woman. Rin is still learning to control his powers which are currently limited via his blade Kurikara. When he draws the blade, he shows he is an excellent swordsman, supernaturally strong, and has pyrokinetic powers. Rin is supernaturally strong and appears in the manga and anime to have the limited ability to levitate. He has limited telepathic ability to communicate with demons and has a high speed of healing. He can also engulf himself in his flames without causing harm to himself or, specific others. Using his flames, sword, raw power, and abilities as an exorcist, Okumura is able to perform a few different techniques which cause major damage to demonic beings. His weakness? He’s prone to outbursts, rarely has a plan, and if the sword is destroyed – his power is lost and he may die.

Raven is also half-demon, half human. Her mother was seduced by a demon who she married. When she learned of his demonic origin, it was too late and Raven was born as a result of a sexual assault by the demon. Raven is a member of the Teen Titans. Raven has a great deal of powers stemming from her ability to absorb pain of others, quickly heal herself and others, and use astral projections of herself. She can also absorb objects and energy, returning them moments later. She can also convert her physical body into a soul-self, allowing her some teleportation powers and magically travel in the form of a giant raven. She also has the ability to manipulate energies, time, and emotions. This allows her to create and attack with balls of flames or electric balls. She also can currently fly. Her weakness? Her emotions. If she becomes angry, she occasionally loses control of herself and her power – becoming lost in the hatred.

Who would win in a battle? This is how I would imagine it playing out.

Raven suddenly arrives in a new universe. She was told demonic activity had been plaguing this universe and that, perhaps, her father Trigon had been there causing mayhem.

She appeared to be in Japan, where the supposed primary center of demonic activity in this universe. It’s nightfall and she does not want to appear suspicious. She hides in a nearby alley as she sees a young man with black, messy hair and a large sword on his back. She doesn’t recognize him, but sees he has a tail. Raven begins to concentrate and her soul-self follows the person.

Rin stops suddenly. He can tell he’s being followed. “Who’s there?” he yells, looking around. The Satanic flames begin to glow around his body as he sees the projection behind him. He can tell it’s not human, so he charges the projection. Raven suddenly ends the soul-self projection as Rin charges it. He draws his sword as he gets close to it, just as it vanishes.

Rin stops. He looks around. There’s a demon nearby, I can sense it, he thinks to himself. He tries to call out telepathically, but it doesn’t appear to work.

Raven hides within the shadows, becoming one with them. “Show yourself!” Rin yells and induces his flames with is blade boldly out. He knows how to take out demons. He’s done it a number of times, even if this demon is super sneaky. Alarms would have gone off if it were a super powered demon, Rin thinks to himself.

Raven focuses on Rin’s flames and uses her powers to pull them off his body. As she floats above him, she holds the blue flames above his head in a giant ball form. Rin looks up in shock as she hurls the flaming ball onto Rin. Being his own Satanic flames, they cause him no pain, but he has become very irritated at his opponent.

Rin leaps into the air fast, faster than Raven expects. She teleports down to the ground missing Rin’s attack. She grabs a nearby electric pole pulling electrical power as Rin lands on the ground nearby. She is surrounded by sparks as the lamp blinks and shuts down, her eyes glowing as she stares down Rin. Rin summons more of his Satanic flame, engulfing his entire body in flames. Rin screams, “Satan SLASH!” A huge wave of blue Satanic flames fly toward Raven. Raven releases the electrical energy from within directing it toward the flame. The two balls of energy strike each another with a large explosion, knocking Rin and Raven back.

Breathing heavily, the two stare at each other. Raven did not expect to be pushed back as hard as she was. Neither did Rin.

Rin is getting angry. He inflames himself again, this time hotter, fiercer, and bolder. The flames extend significantly beyond his body engulfing some nearby brush. Raven teleports behind Rin and rapidly absorbs the flames, releasing it to the atmosphere. She places her hand on his shoulder and calms Rin’s emotions. She absorbs his rage and causes Rin to collapse unconscious. Raven picks up the blade, looking it over. Feeling the demonic energy stemming from the blade, she takes it with her as she teleports away from this dimension.

So, I picked Raven to win. What about you? Vote now and debate in the comments section.

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