Friday Fight: One Punch Man vs Superman

People love to speculate on who would win in a fight when it comes to their favorite superheroes or other fictional characters. Who would win – Batman or Superman? Captain America or Obi-wan Kenobi? All manner of random speculation abounds and, it’s fun.

I’ve decided this week to come up with a fictional fight that some anime fans are already discussing – Saitama better known as One Punch Man (from the manga/anime series of the same name) versus Superman. Let’s talk about the heroes for a moment, shall we?

Saitama is pretty much a limitless ball of power. He can defeat anything (literally anything) with one punch. He has done so to meteors, monsters, and people. He can hold back, but at full force it appears nearly nothing can be stopped by his fists. He’s also super fast with ridiculously fast reflexes. He has what some call “toon strength” – he is overpowered as a cartoon character. But, he’s generally not in it for glory or more power (he has all that he’d need). He’s in it to help, but also because he enjoys being a superhero. If there’s something he’d rather do, he’ll do that. His weakness? He can be distracted and lose focus.

Superman is also a limitless ball of power. In his pre-52 form, he could do pretty much anything the plot needed him to do. Faster than light speed. Superhuman strength which he constantly restricts to prevent catastrophe. Power of flight. Laser vision. Freeze breath. Name it, he somehow seems to have crazy ridiculous powers. When it comes to overpowered heroes – he’s in a league all his own. He does have a weakness – kryptonite.

Now, on to the battle. If they were to fight – who would win? On raw power – they’re pretty evenly matched. Both are overpowered to an absurd degree. Temperament-wise, Saitama is pretty mellow in most circumstances unless people appear ungrateful or are extra annoying. Superman’s temper can vary wildly depending on the depiction, but at his core is a baseline love of truth and justice. He doesn’t like heroes fighting heroes and makes certain to prevent deaths when scenarios like that play out. In his few bouts with the Incredible Hulk we saw that occur. How would a battle play out between these two? Here’s my prediction:

Superman flies into Z-City hearing that Brainiac may have entered the town through an intergalactic wormhole. It appears quiet, almost abandoned. Saitama coming back from beating a monster sees Superman. Saitama scratches his head, thinking to himself, “Hmm, this is Superman, right? Hmm, I wonder if I can take him.”

Saitama walks over calmly to Superman and waves. Superman gives him a nod back. Saitama asks, “Hey, I’m a hero too. Can I punch you?”

Superman says, “What?”

“Just once, want to see if you’re really all your cracked up to be. I’m mostly fighting weaklings here.”

“Uhm, sure,” Superman says. He puts his hands on his hips and smirks at Saitama who proceeds to punch him with enough force that he is thrown clear across the globe. Visibly shaken, Superman flies back a few moments later and says, “Wow, that’s what I call a punch.”

Saitama, seeing Superman back again, shrugs and punches him again. Again, Superman returns. “You know, you don’t have to prove anything to me.”

Punch. Fly back.

The cycle continues about 10 times. Superman then turns to Saitama and says, “Well, that was fun. If you really want, we can keep going, but I have a villain to catch. Hmm.” Superman stops. “Does that market over there say there’s a 50% off sale? My Japanese is a little rusty.”

Saitama was winding up a swing and stops at Superman’s comment. He turns to see the sign and his eyes grow wide. “I need to get there – fast! We’ll fight later,” Saitama says as he waves and runs off to the market.

Yea, I see them going to a draw much like that with Superman not really fighting and Saitama eventually just shrugging and moving on. What about you? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Vote below and add your thoughts to the comment section.

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