Confessions of a Geeky Dad

I am a geeky Dad. There, I said it. I know, it’s super shocking to all of you who know me personally or on Twitter. I’m a pretty big dork. But, here are some assorted confessions of things and random stories of from my time to date as a geeky Dad which you may or may not know about me

  • For years I have referred to my kids getting on their pajamas as “UmJammer Lammy Time.” My wife didn’t have any idea what I meant and actually picked up on the expression too. The kids know exactly what I mean. The reference? A PS1 music game called UmJammer Lammy about a shy Lamb who plays music.
  • I cried a bit during the ending of Toy Story 3. No, not when the toys are in the dump, when Andy gave up his toys and plays with them one last time…….and my kids aren’t even that old!
  • My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves Power Rangers. I use that as an excuse to watch it…both with her and sometimes not with her.
  • I got her Power Rangers sword/gun combo before – she loved it. She may or may not be getting more Power Rangers weapons for Christmas.


  • I watch Star vs the Forces of Evil with my children…and I’m pretty sure I like it more than them.
  • When my 6 year old son decided to stop liking Star Wars, I was heartbroken. He was less than 2 when we watched “A New Hope” together. I found it at random on TV and he sat there enthralled by the TV screen. I scooped him up and we watched the whole thing. I still remember him playing with his Star Wars toys. He had a Clone Wars era Anakin and an Empire era Luke and they were playing together. This 2 year old little guy looks up at me and says, “Anakin is Luke’s Daddy.” Still love that moment.
  • My youngest are 15 month old twin girls named Penelope and Genevieve. We call Penelope “Penny” for short. I refer to her from time to time as Pen-Pen. Where’d that nickname come from? Neon Genesis Evangelion. There’s a penguin named Pen-Pen…


  • My oldest son’s birthday is May 4th. Star Wars day. I’m not so secretly super excited about that!
  • On another Star Wars note – I may or may not have a handful of Star Wars toys my son grew out of in my office.
  • For my first Father’s Day, my wife got me a mug that says, “World’s Greatest Dad” with a picture of Darth Vader on it. Most recent Father’s Day? Jedi bathrobes. They’re heavy, still wore them all day in the summer.
  • First movie I took my oldest son to in theaters – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D.
  • I introduced my children to bits and pieces of anime over the years. Mostly mini-episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home. Recently, I showed my 6 year old the first episode of Donyatsu and was so excited when he actually followed along with the subtitles.
  • I let my 6 year old son name my starter Pokemon when I was playing Pokemon Sapphire. He named my torchic “Sir Fire.” Pretty legit name.
  • First album we received for our children? They Might Be Giants “Here Come the 1, 2, 3s.” The Seven Days of the Week song my wife and I used to sing loudly to get our oldest to sleep in long car rides.

Are you a geeky Dad? What geeky things have you done or do? Discuss in the comments.

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Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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